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Hi I'm Phil and id like to share with like minded people a "Then & Now" thread to show off your transformations from bad to good, for me i moved into my second tenanted property about 3 years ago and was taken back when i went outside to view the garden or lack of it, 3 years on its a bit different now, all my own work and ideas I never planned anything I just went with my gut feelings and here are the results.

Id be interested to hear peoples comments and Id also be interested to see others proud transformations too .


more pics coming , having an issue with uploading , the finished results will come soon ;-)


Not before and after, but before and 'in progress'...


Ah, you got your after pics uploaded... very nice transformation, now that dingy path looks inviting!


You have added some lovely splashes of colour Highlands, the lawn looks in good condition and I agree with WILLDB that the path and flower bed surrounds do look inviting and so professional.

Looking good Highlands. Here is my before and after - although like all gardens, still a work in progress.


Wow willdb- looking good , you have a very awkward space to work with which must be hard when deciding how to utilise the space - keep up the good work 😃


Hi slum , that’s really nice , looks like there’s plenty of flowers to encourage the bees 🐝😉😃


Keep the comments and pictures coming people, let’s see if we can get 50 different garden transformations on here before the end of the year to celebrate with gardeners world 50 year anniversary 😃😃👍👍🐝🐝


Love this sort of thread, been following Slum's garden thread. Lovely transformations.

Here are some of my garden from a bedroom window. My garden was started in 1991, it had been a farmyard and was full of long grass, brambles and nettles. We had to add some topsoil. Behind the walls the earth is quite deep, but the lawns don't have much topsoil in places. It is in Dordogne, France.

First one is in 1991, then all in May, 1994, 2004, 2016.

I have others of different beds as they were made. Not all the garden is shown in those photos.

Great thread Highlands - and what a fantastic job you've done in such a short time.

BL - your garden is amazing . Willdb - good decision to tone down that blue fence - and it looks so much bigger now than when you started. Slum - you have so much colour now - it's beautiful.

Like Slum, mine is still very much a work in progress. I didn't start with a garden though, just a field and as we were building there was quite a lot of going backwards before I could go forwards. 

So looking west


and earlier this year

looking north in 2014


and last month

Round the other side (facing the neighbour's house) in 2011

and this year

The biggest contrast is probably this view, from 2009

and this year

Wow Lizzie and Raisingirl, major transformations there. It is only when I look back at the photos that I realise how much has been done. As plants take some time to grow you don't always notice the difference. 



Wonderful transformations!

Unfortunately, most of my garden continues to be then 


First of all, Highlands2, what an amazing transformation. Truly inspirational and just goes to show what determination and imagination can do! Loving all the other transformations too. Interesting to see that the 'lawn' is still central to many people's designs. 

Doghouse Riley

1976. Crazy terrazzo  patio and preformed pool (puddle)

 York stone hard landscaping in 1985, koi pool 86, tea-house 87, plants have grown to how they are now.

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Looking at the scale of some people's plots, and what they have achieved, I'm actually ashamed that I haven't done more with my little postage stamp!

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WillDB says:

Looking at the scale of some people's plots, and what they have achieved, I'm actually ashamed that I haven't done more with my little postage stamp!

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See original post

Don't be - you should be very proud of what you've done - it looks great. My first garden - 20 odd years ago, was roughly 14 feet square. It had a seat and one flower bed and I spent 5 years trying to work out how to get things to grow in it. This garden is nearly 2 acres and I've barely 'done' a quarter of it. 

Gardening is a process, not a product. If you ever 'finish' your garden, it's time to move house