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Hi all, I've got an established yew in my garden that I've been pruning into a sphere for years. I keep it to about 4/5ft diameter. I fancy doing something different with it, but am unsure what shape to go for. I've got other shrubby spheres in that area, plus some upright elwoodii and lots of low archy things around too. I'd like something more vertical to carry your eye up the slope these are all planted on, but a spiral seems too tricky and a column too much like the elwoodii.. Any thoughts or suggestions? I'm not a master-pruner, but am quite prepared to hack great lumps out as this yew is so established I have no fear that bald patches wont grow back sooner or later. Bx


Pyramid? Big cone- like an ice cream cone? 


Can you cloud prune a yew?

In fact does anyone know how to cloud prune anything? Where do I start?


Brilliant. Thanks, Dove.

And I love the tripod ladders.



I covet everything on that site - have you seen the white ladle that stands up by itself? 



This could get to be an expensive santa list. Clever stuff.

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