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Charming photographs of such at atmospheric station! Reminds me of those St Trinians comedies from Ealing Films!

Anybody had a look at their local train station garden recently?

Anything interesting there?



This is what it looked like in 1930



In the photo there is still the old ticket machine- Sholing used to have on of those.(permit machine)

Looked on Google and found this image don't know if the plants are still there?

 Few flowers

Here's a website where you could volunteer or just comment on the station you could say what you want to them if the station needs more plants.

Another picture Millbrook station

Nice big waiting room back then they did like large waiting rooms, Shame the waiting area does not look that sheltered now be a bit cold with no sides.


Sholing station should look colourful when spring bulbs come up and flower

Water butt no go at minute have to wait a bit, plants looking ok even though frost has been.

One volia is still in flower - amazing at this time of year don't you think?

Hello all take a look at the nice flood at Sholing station

 What do you think of that?  WET hay

No this is WET hay

 That is wet tarmac

I meant it is wet as people have to walk through the puddle to the platforms

Not that sort of hay but very good,- meant to put wet hey

Wet hey???

Wet eh?-probably works better or wahay as Eric Morecambe would say

Pictures of the planters at the station with a few plants inside

Planters under the Sholing sign

Three all together


Grasses and primrose and a few other plants

 All the planters so far

Even got a few plants thanks to the southampton freecycle add - some bamboo and a holly tree



Holly tree

Just got them planted then down came the rain

Approval from the community rail representative - he thinks the tyre planters are fantastic - I did not know if he would think they are ok - as we put them there without him knowing.

But he likes them phew


i think your all doing a great joband  wonder if a letter to Dickie Branston would produce a a reply from his P.R maybe  little monetary help in any way its worked before you never know


Hello all

Thanks Alan4711  - South West Trains only come through this station as on small line but good thought we buy plants/ seeds and get our money back from the three river rail company so we don't pay for it only in time and effort.

Been busy this week clearing away a lot of leaves and rubbish to create a wild-flower area behind a shelter and weeding in the main raised flower bed have now got a water bucket up there as well to help with the flower bed picture below of cleared area.

What do you think?

In Belper, Derbyshire, a group of us adopted the train station green spaces, which are extensive. It took us 6 months to clear the weeds and self-set trees (gardens had not been tended for 7 years!) In November, we started the re-planting process which mainly involved planting native, wildlife friendly and sustainable plants.This is a long term project and the gardens will not be complete for at elast another 2 years, but we are excited to see what they'll look like this spring



All looks great - on a slight tangent but still community garden related - my mum has taken over a plot outside a local community centre (with the town council's permission) and over the last two years has created some fantastic beds from cuttings, divisions, freebies and seeds etc from her own garden with no help and very little cost.  She loves it and it looks so much better.  Only setback was the local water company who dug up half of one of the beds with no notice when doing some maintenance work!  All back to normal now though.

Thanks Kathy - I will have a look.

My mum is in her 70's and as well as her own garden and the community garden, she also has her own allotment (and still does all the heavy work herself)!