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She is currently backpacking around Grand Canaria for a month - back before the growing season really starts!  I am totally in awe of her.

Hello Kathy

We started Sholing station in September, there is a lot of people in your group of volunteers ours here only has 2 or 3 sometimes not many - but after a while of clearing the garden area that was unused for a long time before we started gardening, South West trains did a shrubbery cut back which helped with the brambles, still had to do a lot of digging and gardening that had to be done but we can see lots of bulb heads popping up flowers will be arriving.  

 Here's some daffodils popping up and a foxglove.

It will be good when we get to see all our efforts we put in. We still have lots of weeding to do and will enjoy the rewards of the plants in flower and the time gardening as well. We also have our own garden to keep enjoying as well. 

Interesting video link - gardening does get some places colourful, makes spaces look better don't you think?

What a good lot of volunteering everyone does - so well done all.

Anyone done any interesting volunteering gardening recently?


Hi garden girl. The reason Belper Station had so many people helping on that picture is because we organised a 'community day' and got people from East Midlands Trains and Network Rail to help too. Otherwise, there's usually 4-6 of us working on an enormous area Too wet to do much at the moment, but things re popping up underneath the snow

Just an update, been doing a lot of weeding to the flower bed which looks good now lots of the plants growing and thanks to SWT they have put in a new drain which should help with the flood - puddle

weather warming up so more bits can be done

Heres a few photos now

heres the garden now

daffs nearly out

here is the lake now nice and gone nice new drains have helped the lake

Well here's an update of how Sholing station looks

The flower bed is looking a lot more colourful now, still a lot of digging to be done for prep of wildflower seeds.

Are there any areas in your local community that are looking colourful?

Just wondering if anyone wants to donate any plants for the station?

Could do with some more to fill the flower bed as so large to plant up

Hello all, here is how the garden looks now

and even got an anemone in flower

bad new someone stole our water butt stand

so now need to make something to make the tap higher up to use better

How is your community garden going?

Here's another pic - we have painted the back of the raised bed with bright colours


Beaus Mum

Hi garden girl

You have done wonders, how very pretty you have made your station

Wish someone would tackle ours 

Thank you Beaus Mum

May be you could find out who is in charge of the station near you and could volunteer and do some gardening or do a bit of gorilla gardening secretly if not in a danger zone as health and safety issues  

Beaus Mum

I couldn't do gorilla style as garden is within the station, I might contact our towns in bloom team and make a suggestion, I'll let you know what happens 


Hello all here is an update of the garden

Pallet train has got some more colour with the plants now flowering and bulbs will be coming out later

Here is the first two daff now in flower for the year so amazing nice an early

 and a primula flowering

We now this week have 2 benches at Sholing Station so brilliant we have been wanting more seats for ages

Victoria Sponge

That's so nice gardengirl

I'd love to do something like that - I live next to a council 'tended' patch of grass that I'm sneakily requisitioning. I've put a small rosa rugosa in and a buddlea seedling I found - next thinking about a length of red clover along my fence line.

I can't believe someone stole your waterbutt stand - it makes me sad to think a gardener could also be a thief


Gg you've made such a difference to the station well done you 


Garden girl you should be very proud of your efforts. I am sure you have made many people's journeys much more enjoyable. If I travel I tend to be going through the larger stations. I never see a garden. My local small station as a couple of pots out that's it. There's is a large stretch of waste ground next to it with the old tracks. I wish I had the time to organise volunteers to do something with it. 

Your thread did remind me of when I was travelling once our train was delayed at a station for about half an hour. Luckily it was Invergordan station. I didn't see a garden, but there  was war time themed murals all over it. Really brightened my trip.





How lovely! I wish something could be done at Grantham Station but sadly it's mainly concrete...and grumpy East Coast staff!