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Hi my wife and I are buying a house and this gloomy looking set up is in the garden. First thoughts were to destroy it. Does anyone have any recommendations to make it look decent?



Peter can you use the tree at the top to upload pics , i cant get your upload to work, cheers matey

Has that worked? Haha you can tell I'm new

Beaus Mum

Sure has newboy 

Hmmm it's not that bad Peter and you could do something with it but it depends on style of garden you like and how much and what you use your garden for?

Any chance of pics from different angles?




Lick of paint and some plants in pots? That's quite a construction Peter! 


Hi Peter - my first thought would be that it looks like it's in the shade of that tree as it's very mossy, and that's not a great place for decking. 

If you want to keep the little summerhouse, perhaps you could think of taking the rest away and simply changing it to a more suitable surface and some planting. Is there a reason why it's raised up on a platform? Conditions underneath it for instance.

A few more pix would be very helpful as BM says, but perhaps you're not in the house yet!  Any extra info you can offer will help though  


Check what is under the decking if you can - it might have been built to hide something worse!  If there is bare ground under there, my personal choice would be to take the summerhouse apart and remove the decking, later using that to make raised beds.  I'd then replace the roof on the summerhouse with twinwall polycarbonate sheet and turn it into a very serviceable greenhouse.  But I do love DIY projects like that! 

Thanks for the replies. I can't take any more pics right now because we aren't in the house yet. I will take more pics and check what's underneath on our next visit. 

What is a summerhouse like that even good for? It's tiny!

Would I need to sand down everything if I were to paint it?


Hi Peter, I think your assessment of this as an ugly structure is correct. It would take more than a lick of paint to make me want to look at that every day



It'll probably need a sand down Peter just to get a good key for some paint - it looks a bit green and faded because of the aspect it's in. It could be very pretty with a bit of a tidy up. Nice to sit in with a morning coffee to plan your new plot  

I think the summer house needs moving to the back of the decking and the trees cutting back. Wonder what's under that decking and why it's been built up so much.

It needs sanding and re painting or you could burn the decking and put down a patio with the summer house. If the structures sound.

Might be worth talking to next door as it's overlooking their gardens.

personally? I'd get rid - wood probably has all sorts of unseen probs. It's prob a bit dangerous. I had hideous decking outside my back door when I moved in and soon put my foot through it. It might be concealing something but my guess is previous owner fancied a nice sunny deck to sit on............and built that. You don't like it now, a lick of paint is unlikely to change that.


Depends on whether you want a short term plan or a long term plan. In the short term, a good clean with a power washer and a few coats of stain on decking , fence and summer house would do a lot to brighten it up. In the long term, you may want to investigate underneath it and get rid of the lot.


Some really good ideas here everyone. Thanks for your input 


Let us know how you get on once you move in Peter. Extra pix will be helpful for any queries you have and there'll be plenty of help and advice should you want or need it.

Hope you enjoy your garden and making it your own space  


Have you asked the vendors what is underneath; if there is a major gas or electricity subs station hiding there, I think you ought to be told. Then if it is just earth there, I would put the whole lot on freecycle.


I'd fit a woodburning stove