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I'll be interested to see if that works, tried the same with photobucket from iPad, and sorry to report that didn't work either.


Will try to copy and paste link.




well I hope it is...

I can see why you want to make a bit more use of it. I assume the fence/hedge to the left is also yours?

That is mine yes. The fence is ours but he has a very very dense hedge and done big ish trees his side. The soil is heavy blue clay and my partner broke our brand new fork trying to excavate next to the house to put in new border, will put link to this too. Thanks for your help!


The picture of just infront of my window the part closest to the house at the other end if the garden in the last picture.....
One half of the rear garden, newly formed boarders round the grass, done July last year....
Left hand side of rear garden, raised bed for limited veg. Dog run has been moved next to shed so I can put my large plastic greenhouse up when weather improves....

Her's Red Dahlia's next pic...


And the last...


And the one on the middle ( we must have got out of synch!)


If I've got them out of order I apologise.


Most houses after 1870 have covenants preventing veg being grown in front gardens. In Victorian times it was a sign of poverty to have to grow veg in your front garden and not be well off enough to have lawn. For some reaosn even new houses have such restrictions. Who would actually enforce such restrictions is another matter though and I doubt anyone would or could stop you planting veg, but thought it best to warn you.


With clay soil I would use raised beds. As it is the front garden good quality stone or hardwood would look smart.

Thanks blairs. The next door neighbour is entirely veg but he has hedging so you can't see a thing. As you can see its neat and tidy and I don't want to change until we are clear what do so so it doesn't look like a bomb site. I want to put a greenhouse where the car is at the bottom but my partner is worried about it being so close to the road!
Figrat - thank you so much for your tech help, my h appreciated thanks.



You're welcome!

Red check out grow food not lawns, they have a good page on face book.

its a great idea with all your space there. just have something at the front for privacy/protection. 


The problem Red Dahlia was having was due to posting a link to the page the image was on and not the image itself.

Here is how I would do it right click on the picture and select view image if everything has gone ok you should see a page with only the image on it. Web pages can be layered and a common trick is to put a transparent image over a normal image and this transparent image is clickable but the image (you want) isn't. It's better to be sure you have what you want. 

right click on the image again, this time select copy image location.

 In the editor here select the 'tree' icon and choose

 an external site and now paste the url you copied into the url box and you should see the image you wanted in your post. Here is one we wanted earlier

@ blackest - unfortunately the whole menu with tree icons, paste hyperlink etc isn't available on mobile devices, which is why Red Dahlia was having a problem. I got round it by pasting her links onto my pc's browser, right clicking on them, copying the image( s) and pasting them into my posts. Maybe other posters could help out like this?