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i have a veggie plot  divided into 4 sections. i have paths all around the plots. In order for the soil to stay in place i have used various wooden products.

I need advice on what material i can use to provide a raised edge ( say 3 to 6 inches high) all around the plot. i have tried log roll but that just rots after a while.  Is there any type of steel/plastic product that anybody is using that fits the bill.

Lesley Cardiff

Try the Linkabord product, although it might be expensive if you need a lot, although it looks good and weathers well (I have some 6+ years old and colour is still good) - on my allotment I have edged the 4 plots with tanelised timber 8" and this lasts well.


Some people use treated wood for making decking.

Deanos Diggin It

We used plastic lawn edging! Have to stake it at intervals, to give it a bit of ridigity! Cheap to buy! But it really served our purpose for the Raspberry border! Slightly raised as you are wanting Gatehouse!



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