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Garden design

VERY small garden ideas on a budget

It would make a change to see ideas for a small garden on a budget on gardening programmes

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I know this may be way off your budget another posted on my FB page I thinkits super

 Garden design for a small back yard

You've been taking aerial views of my garden, NOT,  but that would be perfect for the patio...

wow - that is lovely! ..and at least twice the size of my garden, let alone budget! But, we can try our own design. The height and movement of the design.

The paving slabs are pretty grotty, but I will put them on the web and see if anyone wants them. Great idea - thank you.

The 10ft by 10ft measurement is the garden in totality. Our garden is smaller by about 7ft because of an inherited (nice but big) conservatory. Gardeners are few and far between where we are.. lots of toys or clutter or doggie doo in adjacent gardens. I'd LOVE a version of the one above and I've set me heart on trying to get our own version. Thanks all!



Another idea is to accessorize your garden. You can make use of  cupolas and rain chains for a start.  They are unique piece of items that can help beautify your garden without putting a dent in your pocket.







 My small garden, I love it...



My last garden was about 10 ft x 10 ft - you didn't move into my old house did you? A round area of paving just off centre, a tiny water feature in an old dustbin sunk into the ground at the edge of the paving, a bike shed in the corner, roses growing up the fences, strawberry plants in hanging wicker baskets on the fences, ferns alongside the shed to get the rainwater off the roof? Hellebores and astrantias and clematis everywhere. Every year we grew runner beans up a wigwam in one corner and tomatoes in pots on the paving, and herbs and lettuce and other odds and ends between and amongst everything else.  A bit of a struggle but it's amazing what you can do - then we moved here and the garden seemed huge, but I'm managing to fill it 


Small garden on a budget, (ours is also classed as small by GW terms) take cuttings and grow extra plants of the ones you already have, then swap with neighbours for other plants. We are part of the way through ours, - have a look at the different years. You can get clematis very cheap from pound shops or asda/tesco every now and again, look for the easy ones - for example 'polish spirit' (big purple flowers) - it also depends on what decoration you like - if you like dark wooden furniture etc, then go for the darker colours for your garden, if you like a modern decor in your house then go for lighter colours, (remember your garden is like having another room) - good luck don't forget use mirrors in alcoves etc to make it look bigger.


if your on a budget like me, keep your eyes peeled when your out and about and check out what people throw ou,t especially in skips. I ve picked up all manner of plant pots, plants, staging shelves etc. a lot of people in may area leave unwanted but decent stuff on the pavement with a "help yourself" note. Good way of recyling and its free!!



My daughter bought a small dingy for £30 and turned it into this for her small garden


wow gillian, that looks good!




I broke old slabs and used them as a wall/feature, they really need to be dipping for the best effect, if you can see the top surface or side surface then it losses the effect. They also need to be of the same thickness.


small front garden many years ago..

back garden, you have to look carefully to spot the wall, ignore the soapsud foam that my naughty child introduced to the waterfall..



Gillian. Love the dingy idea. I sometimes drive through a village to work and they have old farm machinery with stuff planted in and around the machinery which changes through the seaons, it's really effective.   


If i had £800 to spend on a garden i would be lost!

A garden should slowly develop find out what you rearly like,

trial and error' cheap plants beg borrow and swap.

look at your neighbours plants admire them, you may even be offered one.

i give no end to other keen gardeners.don't rush take  your time! and ENJOY!!!




Patty, I agree I devide my annuals and swaps with friends. When I watch gardeners world I always wonder how many hundreds their projects have cost. My garden has taken 30 yrs to get to this, all done on a budget.

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