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This is a bit of a cry for help...I am planning a wedding to be held on June 1st next year in a marquee at home. It's going to be themed around Moroccan colours and I have visions of clashing bright pinks, turquoises, oranges and purples.

I am a complete novice when it comes to gardening but would really like to create some displays on the entrance and around the marquee which fit into the colour scheme. I wondered if anyone would be able to suggest some good hanging basket and pot plants in these colours that I would be able to grow? 

Any help would be HUGELY appreciated. 

Thank you, Lindsay


June 1st is still quite early in the year but I would say that Surfinia Petunias would be good for baskets and pots.They are available in Purple and Bright Pink and would make an impact .Calibroacha comes in different colours including Orange.Turquoise may be a problem You could paint some pots Turquoise and fill them with plants of the other colours

Pam x

Oh thank you Pam, they look perfect! I think you're right about the turqoise, I can spray the pots to tie in the colour. I really appreciate your help!! L xx


Hello Lindsay - if you decide on the Petunias start planning early - are you intending to grow the plants yourself  or buy ready made ones?

I hope you have a lovely day and that everything goes well for you

Pam x

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