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Hello fellow gardeners, hope your summer has been as enjoyable to behold as mine. 

However i have a question which may take sometime to answer. 

I have a raised bed approx 2ft by 20ft planted with a wide variety of plants from Fatsia Japonica, Rosemary, Bergenia,Cotinus Coggygria, Hellebores and Perennial sun loving flowers. Would it be best to move now if i wish to change the aspects, or wait till spring next year. Baring in mind i wish to move sun tolerant ferns into this space too?

Hello ogster

I'd say neither now nor in the spring. I'd say move them when they are as dormant as possible. Maybe a nice mild spell in November.

Yes and they should all move easily with the exception of cotinus if it's been there for more than a couple of years.  Those "sun tolerant" ferns......they would also have to be tolerant of dry conditions in your raised bed.  What ferns did ??ou intend to locate there?


The two ferns in question are already in the garden but in the opposite border facing facing east, but i want to give them more room to expand, (sorry if i cant remember there specific genre Verdun), as for the cotinus i was thinking of putting it back in a big pot?

You do know how big they grow, don't you? 


Ogster, don't plant cotinus in a pot.  You will make it a far less attractive plant.  Make it your feature plant in the garden soil


Yes i do know how big they grow Verdun lol. I feel the fatsia's are the main focal points however who said you only need one focal point 

Yep, fatsias are good focal points too.  And they are evergreen.  

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