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I have recently moved house and have a wild area that is on the edge of a lane. It gets early morning sunshine and seems to be quite good soil (under the nettles, ivy and docks) what wild flowers can I grow on good soil and can I sow seeds now or is it best to wait until spring?

Thanks for all ideas


try primroses, they would look natural and you can propgate them easily.Bluebells if its shady

Thanks ginagibbs, I was thinking about primroses- I need to find out when you can set seeds so that would be cheaper (there is quite a big space to fill).

I've just planted some lovely healthy wild primrose and cowslip plugs I bought

from  Last year I didn't have much luck planting seeds in the

early Spring so thought I'd give the plugs a try this time round and as Fb says

you can be sure they will flower next year if you buy plugs.  I've also planted

wild daffodil bulbs and I'm just waiting for a delivery of wild bluebell bulbs, all

of which would look lovely in your bank, but I think the bluebells may need

a bit of shade.  Hope it goes well for you!  


Thanks for all the ideas so far. I'll have a look at what plugs I can find and maybe think about poppy seeds for after the primroses finish.


If you want to set primroses from seed do it now Janette. As fresh as possible for primrose and cowslip seeds and leave them outside. I wouldn't recommend direct sowing though, there'll be a lot of nettle and dock seedlings coming up to swamp them. Aquilegia vulgaris is wild as well, that can be sown now or a bit later and left in the cold. I sowed mine in a cold GH in January with excellent results.

Pulmonaria is good for early bees, though the one I find best and earliest, P. rubra is not wild in this country.

I too am planting up Cornish walls and am using turf after removing large obvious weeds. you can peg in the turf with bits of wire take an apple core tool (from the kitchen) to plant in plugs and mini daffodills (some of the DIY stores are selling bulbs off cheap right now. Also there are the easy grow seeds. However I would advise planting them in trays initially and then when you plant out in spring come up with a design so you can see which are the plants and which are the weeds. Then as they die down when they have finsihed flowering you know what the seedlings look like as opposed to the weeds.

Don't forget to check your nettles for butterfly eggs and leave them be. Other nettles however make great plant food. Stuff a plastic container until you can get no more in. Fill up with water come next spring you will have free plant food. When ready to use strain into watering can at a ratio of 1 to 20. That way the money you would have spent on plant food will be available for more plants.  

Pottie Pam

Foxgloves might look lovely there as well, Janette and they will self seed everywhere. Easily grown from seed but they won't flower the first year.


good ideas. thank you. Hadn't thought of foxgloves, so will definitely get some of those. might be able to get some seedlings from my mums garden.

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