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i love that mega swing what an idea! you are very talented at sculpture some great projects, very inspiring thank you 

Eddie J

Many thanks to everyone for the kind comments.

Sharon, here is how I constructed the swing.

The build cost was approx £60.00 to build for the whole thing. The main poles were discounted because they were too bent to sell, the seat was a piece of oak that had been thrown out and left in a big puddle, the brackets to hang the swing, chain and rope, were the only non scrap materials.

My helper!!!

Eddie J

Woody3, the garden is still some way from being finished, but joining the National Garden Scheme is on my list of things to do. 

As I'm constructing the garden I am also installing post into the ground with circular discs placed over. These are just proud of the ground, and my hope is that these can be used to display work by local artists as and when the garden is open.

Being mainly a wooded garden and laid out with newly planted Azaleas and Rhododendrons, the actual planting appeal is initially going to be limited. By adding sculpture and work of others, any short fall in planting or timing, should easily be made up for.

This is another of my projects. The aim this year is to build a brick Pizza/bread oven onto the side, although with so much hard landscaping still left to do, it may have to wait another year.


Eddie J

I've been busy making another sculpture for the garden.

This one is just over 1000mm tall and weighs in the region of 50kg and is finished from green oak, and so far I have been told that it looks like a tadpole, a sperm, a cormorant, a piece of sea weed and a seed. With so many differing opinions I reckon that I have succeeded in my quest to create something different for the garden.

Eddie J

A little update of more projects and further work.

Since the last post, I have constructed this toilet, built the wall and steps,made the simple bench.

Extended this pathway.


And created  more  sculptures.



Hi . Love your work. Wondered if you had any tips for building a bread/pizza oven for the garden. I have a tiny patio but would love an outside oven. It would have to be small for obvious reasons. I used to be a tiler and plasterer until I came down with a condition that makes everything I do so painful. I keep myself busy and still insist on pushing myself. I would love to build an oven myself but no idea where to start. Can you help? Thanks Lynn 


You are so talented, Eddie, and you must be pretty strong too. Hard landscaping is beyond me, but over 20 years ago we had the slopey bit terraced with stone walls and 3 lawned areas and stone patios around the house. I made all the flower beds. I have over an acre, but I use planting as I wouldn't have a clue how to sculpt something or build a wall. I've planted roses, shrubs, lots of perennials and I have tubs of annuals on the terraces. I hope it's not boring but it doesn't have the interest of yours.


love the stand with the blue pot in. What talent.

Eddie J

Many thanks for the kind words, and for sharing your own experiences, it's always nice to read what people have done.

Lynn, I'm pretty clueless in relation to the pizza/bread oven, but I have found a few good sources of info about them, and will send you the links via PM if that is okay, as I'm not sure that forum rules would permit me to put the links up.

Busy-Lizzie, the garden sounds fantastic, and I am sure that it has just as much interest. I'm just fortunate that I have the wood available to use, but if I didn't, the garden would look very uninteresting.

bjay, many thanks, the blue pot idea has created alot of interest, and I have decided to make a few more of differing shape and design. They should look really good planted up.

I have also made a few more bits and pieces.


'Twig Thing' from a hedge that I cut down for my mum. I couldn't bring myself to throw the cuttings away!

A very basic Indian that took ten minutes to make and now sits  poking  his head out from the hedge

A little mouse.

And another.

I am also making something very gruesome for Halloween, which I shall show when finished (You won't like it though)

Eddie, Your garden is an inspiration, You look as if you and your family have much enjoyment from it. Are you a tree surgeon? Certainly you have a talent for sculpture.

Eddie J

Thanks Lupin2

I'm an oak framer by trade, but dabbling with wood is also a hobby to me, and pretty much everything that I make is created using discarded or found wood.

I should have added that the little mice were carved as a kind of prototype for much larger chainsaw carved versions.

We have also now started to have a local primary school bring their students to the garden to sketch the sculptures. Whilst I'm creating the garden, my sole intention is that it should be enjoyed by all, and especially by children. I hope that when it is finished, I would have also managed to make it have a majical feel about it. With this in mind, I want to create a story telling area and also involve my daughter, by getting her to write a themed book/story.

Fabulous garden, really inspirational and it shows that you love what you do with the garden. I shall keep a look out for further pictures. Keep up the good work.

Edit D

Wow! You're talent is an inspiration, I often wished I could build things like these, and you really inspire me to just give it a go.

Mr Haynes, any chance of seeing a feature about Eddie's work in the magazine? I think it is definitely worth it and a lot of people would be very interested to see what has been achieved.

Keep up the amazing work, I am really looking forward to seeing more pictures!

Eddie J

Many thanks for the positive comments.

I haven't really completed much of late, but here is quick update of further items that I have made for the garden.


A simple bench, although I have plans to make this into a sea horse.


Finally this not so nice item which I made for Halloween.


As said previously, my main project for this year will be to construct a brick built wood fired pizza/bread oven, but the weather is not currently inspiring me to get started. 




Gardening Grandma

This is an astonishing garden. Are you planning to open it to the public? How about the NGS?


Eddie J

Thanks Gardening Grandma.

We have had a meeting in respect of joining the NGS, and hope to develop the idea at some stage. Sadly though it probably won't be for another year or so yet, as there are still hard landscaping jobs that need to be carried out in respect of safety etc.

It is always good to have a goal to aim for though.


Here is another aspect of the garden that I hadn't previously shown.


Eddie J

And here is a different pespective.




i am interested in your ibc tank set up , i have 7 in a line and cannot find a cost effective way of linking them together .

you seem to have got it sussed ! 

any advice ?

Cheers ,

paul .


This is a really old thread Paul. Don't think the OP posts here any more  - haven't seen his name in the last year or so anyway.

Eddie J

Thanks Fairygirl, life, work and health have rather side tracked me.


Paul, to link the tanks together I purchased blanking caps for each tap on the IBC, then fitted plastic fittings and water pipe that I purchased from an agricultural merchants. If you would like further details and perhaps close up photo, just let me know.


I haven't really done anything with the garden over the last year, but this has been my most recent project for it, and I now just have the roof to finish. In truth I wouldn't have even started it, had I known how much work that it was going be.