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Hello All,

I would like to visit some NGS Yellow Book gardens this year. I shall definately visit Lilylou's garden (not too far from me), which I sure some of you have seen on video (looks amazing).  Does anyone have any recommendations of gardens from the Yellow Book, to visit, that they have particularly enjoyed?  I'm in the South East of England.  Many thanks.



Hi Yvieh

I'm in East Sussex. I enjoy the times where several gardens in one village open together so that you can enjoy (and compare) them in one visit. Winchelsea does this for one weekend of the year which I really do recommend (lovely town and good pub for lunch which is a bonus). In the past gardens in Mayfield and Brighton have also done it. In fact, why not combine garden visiting with the Open Art Houses in Brighton, where you get to nosey round houses/studios which are turned into art galleries for the duration of the festival (May) as well as their gardens? Some of them a truly beautiful - mostly very small but really imaginitively planted.


Hi Calendula,

They are really good recommendations, I'll make a note of those.  I'm on the Surrey/Sussex border, so ideal for me.  Many thanks,



You're too far from page 648 no. 6.

Anywhere near us?  Page 57 number 56 - plenty of pics on the website...



I can't find a no. 56 on page 57

Sorry lilylouise - should have said number 51 on page 57.   (got my specs on now!)-


Sorry Quercusrobur, I don't have the book, have been checking out the yellow book website, so can't find your place by page number. Any more info?



Hi Quercusrobur,

Thanks for the link.  You are quite a way away, but certainly look worth a visit!


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