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Adding a message




How to format a forum message

When you start a thread or add a new message, you'll have the following formatting buttons at your disposal:

  • (1) Bold, italics, underline, bullets, lists, undo, redo, cut, copy, paste: Just like Word

  • (2) Smilies: Click a smiley from the pulldown menu to insert it in the message. Hover over each smiley in the menu to see its description and its text equivalent.

  • (3) Links: Highlight the text you want to turn into a link, click the button, and when the popup appears, paste in the website address you want to link to. There's also an 'undo link' button to return a link to plain text.

  • (4) Image/movie insertion [coming shortly] (the square tree icon): You can insert the following into your forum post: an image from another website; an image that you've already uploaded to your this site; or an image from your computer. More details below if you need them.

  • (5) Spellcheck (the ABC icon): this underlines any suspect spelling. Click on an underlined word for suggestions

  • (6) Quote: Click this to insert any posts you have selected for insertion (there is a quote button under each post)

How to add an image or movie to a forum post [coming shortly]

You can insert the following into your forum post: an image from another website; an image that you've already uploaded to this site; or an image from your computer. Click the square 'insert image/movie' tree icon, then choose one of the these tabs from the popup:

  • From an external site(eg a photo sharing website). Put the web address (url) of the image into the form and submit it. You can also add a YouTube or Google video like this (movies do not appear until the post is submitted).
  • Your GalleryIf you have already uploaded images to our website, this tab lets you browse through them and click them to insert them into your forum post.
  • Your computer This works by uploading the image(s) to our site and showing it in your forum post in one fell swoop. Our site will automatically resize your image for you.

Press this to copy a post:
Press this to paste it as a quote:
Here's how it looks:
How to quote other people's messages
  • You can quote another member's post in your own message by clicking the quote button underneath it.
  • It works like this (see screenshots on the right):
    • Click the quote button under a post you want to quote
    • A popup explains that to paste the quote into your message, you need to press the quote button on the message form. This popup has a 'don't show me this again' tickbox.

    More detail:
  • You can select multiple posts to quote before pasting them together. The quote button turns red under messages that have been selected for quoting, and you can deselect a message by pressing its quote button (now 'unquote') again.
  • Quotes from one thread can be pasted into another thread. A 'see' link by the quoted text takes readers back to the original post, whether it is in the same thread or not.
  • Your unpasted quotes remain available until they are pasted or until the end of your session, whichever is sooner
  • You can manually edit the quoted post once it's in your message form, eg if you don't want to quote the whole message

How to update your avatar
  • You can add and change a small image (avatar) that appears under your name in your forum posts. Just click the current image by your name atthe top-right of the site (1) and you'll be asked to upload one. You can also do this from your My Settings page.

(1) This tickbox controls notifications for a single thread:
(2) The Forum section on your My Settings page lists your current notifications:
(3) Change your notifications default in the Forum section of your My Settings page:
How to control forum notifications

The forum can send you an email alert when someone replies to a thread you have taken part in.

The site's default is to send you one email after the first reply, then no more until you have visited the thread .

  • To control notifications for single threads, either:
    • When you post a message to a thread, tick or untick the box underneath the message box which says 'E-mail me when a response is made?' (see pic 1)
    • Or (if you are already receiving notifications for a thread): you can alternatively go to the Forum section of your My Settings page and remove the thread from your Notifications list. (pic 2)

  • To change the site default: In the Forum section of your My Settings page, change the 'Response Notification' setting to 'Default to off' or 'Default to on' (pic 3)
    • NB This will not unsubscribe you from any threads; it just changes the manner of existing notifications and/or changes whether the 'notifications' box is pre-ticked when you add new messages.
    • You can still opt in to to notifications for individual threads without changing your default, by ticking the box under the thread message box when you add messages. (pic 1)

How to change your privacy settings
  • To control whether other members can send you messages on the site's internal private messaging system Tick or untick 'Message me' in the Public Profile section of your My Settings page

Press this to ignore a member (via the forum):
This is confirmed in your My Forum page, where you can manage your list of ignored members
Ignore another member
  • We're sure you'll never need this, but if you really don't like a particular forum member, you can hide their posts and any threads they start, from your view of the forum.
  • Do this by hovering over their name by a forum post, and clicking 'ignore member'; or by going to the 'Members I'm Ignoring' list in the Forum section of your My Settings page, and using the 'Add a member to your ignore list' button. You can also 'unignore' members from this page.

We hope that was helpful. Now, why not head back to see the latest posts on the forum.