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Tint black insects

08 Jun 2016 10:26

the problem is we don't all have baby birds that flock to our garden, I know I don't. we have lots of Jackdaws and Magpies that usually scare away the smaller birds so essentially I have lots of pests on all my plants.

If you don't want to use chemicals, use a water sprayer filled with dilute washing up liquid/water and spray the plants that are covered in pests.  

Not really a problem as such

08 Jun 2016 10:21

so am I right in thinking that a 10 x inch pot is too big ???

what babies, don't have any ???

sorry am confused now doesn't take much


Not really a problem as such

08 Jun 2016 09:54

thank you. 

was thinking about trying to buy a different stand, one which would accommodate both plants (have a different plant in similar sized pot) but wasn't sure how sturdy they would be. As there aren't any places in Swansea where they are on display, am loathe to buy one online because if it's not suitable would have the hassle of having to try and send it back (hate doing that !! The dimensions of the stands are ok but not sure if they would take the weight of 2 x large pots filled with compost when watered. The websites don't give this sort of useful information !!!

will have to get my thinking cap on again

cheers anyway

Help for potplant enthusiast

08 Jun 2016 09:27

I suppose it depends on how many plants and how much compost you require. a lot of places charge for delivery and if you're not buying huge quantities, then it can work out quite an expensive hobby. 

why not ask your friends/relatives if they would be kind enough to take you to a garden centre to pick up things, and as a reward you could buy them a cream tea or give them something towards the cost of the petrol ??  

Cat or fox

08 Jun 2016 09:21

 it's probably a fox. i have terrible problems all over my garden. the poo absolutely stinks and it's really, really attractive to dogs !!! when they roll in it -- OMG you need to run for cover as you can smell it for miles !!!

they poo on the patio slabs, on the steps, on the path as well as the grass, it's so annoying, I am forever having to hose down places where they've been !!! they've also dug up my lily bulbs earlier in the year that are in pots as well, wish they weren't so damned clever then I could keep them out of my garden for ever  


Bee & Butterfly Friendly Plants

08 Jun 2016 08:59

hello, I've bought quite a few nice plants in Morrison's and it usually tells you on the lables that they are good for insects/bees/butterflies. also wyvale put good info on their plants/labels as well. don't forget when you plant your shrubs, to keep them well - watered for the first year to help them establish a good root run. have a look on the RHS website which gives lots of information on this subject.

good luck and enjoy  

Not really a problem as such

08 Jun 2016 08:46

hello,, first of all apologies for my rant last week about all the cookies that appear on here after I logged on, sorry just had a meltdown and thanks for the tips on how to try and get rid of them

I need some advice on what to do with an extremely overgrown Xmas cactus. At the moment it's trying to escape from an 8 inch plastic pot which sits in a large ornamental china pot that has gravel at the bottom to aid drainage. The whole thing sits on an old telephone stand in the porch and when I looked at a 10 x inch pot which is also much longer as well as wider, it just looked too big to sit neatly on the stand when re-potted. Then I thought about just putting it in a new ceramic pot instead but it wouldn't have any drainage holes in it.

Any ideas gratefully received

thanks, shazza

Lily beetles

08 Jun 2016 08:37

hello, yes I have these critters on my lilies and am in Swansea, don't know if this is near enough for you ???



02 May 2016 17:14

hello, having spent the last few years putting in plants to encourage wildlife, thought i'd ask a question about a problem I seem to be having. I bought six different coloured Buddleia's which grew well and flowered like mad last year. We had some awful weather and when the sun finally came out I had hoped that we would see lots of butterflies on these plants that I was assured would attract them. I have 5 x purple and blue ones and 1 x white plant and although I was glad to see that the white one had lots of bees, it attracted absolutely no butterflies at all (there were none on the purple or blue plants either). 

All the plants are in sunny spot so why is only the white plant attracting bees but no butterflies ??  


No blossom

02 May 2016 16:57

mine have usually started but are slow this year due to the recent cold snap, leaves just about out, will probably have to wait bit longer for the flowers, maybe when temperature gets bit higher later in the week