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thecatsmother wrote (see)


Ah you see this is another example of how this garden is  darn well planned - looks like there'll be interest all year. Paeony in May, hypericum for the last month or so, and a nice geranium too, anemone and astilbe in the later summer, acer in the autumn. And other delights to discover over the next 12 months too .

Addict I get the vague impression that you're not too keen on the "that horrible suckering everywhere spirea" . I'm more than happy to keep unruly plants in order so will keep an eye on it and try to make sure it's well behaved! For example the hypericum was staging a takeover bid on the whole area, and was covering an area about 8ft by 4, goiong into the spirea at one end and the anemones at the other end. So I pulled lots of it up, and also cleared a space in the secion middle of it and put a nice new hebe in there (decided there was just too much yellow so wanted to break it up). I will be very protective of the hebe until it's firmly staked its claim to some space

How did you guess lol. Not too keen on Hypericum either. Use it in gardens where rabbits and deer are a problem as they don't like it either! Glad you keep in order. Now hebes on the other hand, love them 

thecatsmother wrote (see)

yeah just a bit worried about taking out something which must be taking a lot of water from the soil -  our garden's below sloping fields and there's a system of drainage pipes and a sump with pump below the garden (installed by the guy who designed the garden). If we do take it out (tree surgeon job i think) I might have to invest in something quite big to put in as replacement, so it'll take up quite a lot of water quite quickly


I wouldn't worry too much about the taking up of water. When you need it sucked up most (winter) the plants aren't sucking it up, they're dormant tell an achillea from a fern look at the back of the leaves. Ferns have spore cases from white/cream through to brown according to maturity. Rows of little dots either side of the mid-rib

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