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Hi all, I am new to this forum so please can I say hallo.

i have a large garden that backs on to a park the bounday of which is the end of my garden. the trees are behind the railings and therefore the bottom of my garden is in dense shade. i am asking for advise for shrubs that are fairly fast growing that are interesting with either some color or berries that will grow tall to give me some privacy.

Any help would be appreciated.

thank you


Hello Christine.

Take a look at the "Cherry Laurel".I reckon that's one that would work for you.

Good luck 

Helen M


i had a lovely escallonia hedge which was killed in the bad winter last year.  i have replanted with bare root cherry laurel in march.  i put fertiliser around the roots when i planted it but i have noticed some of the leaves are falling off, it is in a windy spot, is there any liquid feed i can give it to give it a boost!


Alina W

Fertilizer should not come into direct contact with plants' roots or it may damage or even kill them - I hope that yours was well mixed into the soil?

You don't need to add extra fertilizer, but have you been watering your new plants? They should be watered frequently to prevent them drying out until they spread their roots.

 I agree with Alina W 100% just keep the young plants watered until they've become established.I wouldn't worry too much about them shedding a few leaves they'll soon recover.I've found they are pretty tough plants and don't need any special attention.

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