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My mum has bought  Perovskia atri  "Blue Spire"     she gardens in a very open spot on near the moors  - not much protection from the weather. she tried this a few years back but lost it through winter . Is it a one year shrub - does anyone manage to overwinter this - if so how please ?   Thanks from my mum in advance .


Hi lucky3, the RHS says it tolerates dryness and chalk, so a wet acidic moorland might be a challenge.  I would think keeping the worst of the wet from the roots would be the best bet - cold doesn't seem to be an issue as it's hardy throughout the BI.  Perhaps your mum could try cutting it back hard and covering the root area with something waterproof over Winter?  Alternatively, planting it on top of a mound might work.

Being 600 feet up on limestone in Derbyshire doesn't seem to fill it with joy. It just about survives, with quite a lot of dieback, every winter. It is in the middle of a southfacing  flowerbed backed by tall shrubs to block the north wind. It rouses itself in time to flower in September, without much enthusiasm. I find that some of the large lavenders do better and have the same colour theme.

Up in County Durham it doesn't seem to do well in pots, last winter died right right back but did sprought a bit at btottom and broke eventually. There is one doing alright in a gravel herb bed in a sheltered walled south/east spot. This is at 800ft.

It grows very vigorously for me.  It divides very well.  I would suggest lifting it and potting it up. If you can pull pices apart pot these up and overwinter in GH.   

Perovskia grows in driest possible spots

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