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6 of my penstemons were very small and only managed to save 1 which is a disappoitment all the others growing well. Mum and i share the postage so we get half each. When plants are big enough i will take some cuttings and pass on to friends. Bargain.

i potted up my tiny plug plants when they arrived and they went into very small containers.  They have been doing quite well - I only water every 9 to 12 days.  The ones that are not doing as well i.e. black leaves are the ones I put into larger containers - maybe the soil has been too wet.  I think I will get lovely plants from these, however, without thinking Imoved everything around when I put bubble wrapp up in my greenhouse in January - now I haven't a clue what is what as I had only labelled the first plant in every row!  There is a lesson there for me I think!

hollie hock

Hiya anne, I didn't used to label every plant thinking that I would remember what they were............I know now that this doesn't work.  People on here are very good at identifying plants from a picture.

All my penstemons have survived the Winter since I planted them out. I did cut some of them back last weekend, to encourage growth further down the stems. Checked them today and all ok.

I also had the Penstemon offer and half died without any sign of life at all! The remaining ones have overwintered in the greenhouse which has enough heat to keep above freezing but is by no means 'warm'. They are now about 3 inches tall and 'bushy'

As the weather has been so cold, when would be a good time to plant them out and do they need full sun position?

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