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Just noticed that my local GC has Dahlia tubers on sale at half price. is it worth buying them or is it too late?


I had the same thought Tasker.  Unless anyone can tell you for certain you could always give them a go and whatever the result you will have them for next year and get them in early.  Not the answer you were looking for, but just a thought.  


Thanks LorraineP, tempted to give them a go, will mull that over some more!


If the tubers fell turgid and not soft like an old carrot then they should be ok. I would soak them in warm water for a few hours then pot up in a warm greenhouse and they should romp away.

Still depends on what price but,,yes, still plenty of time for them to grow and flower this year. Pot them up, water them well and feed them.  Pot on again....I pot on until I have large plants for the garden. (still have a few in 5 litre pots looking great).




Thanks for your replies everyone, will pick some up at the weekend and give it a go.


might be best to use them for cuttings for plants for next year, pot up in the greenhouse and take cuttings and then bin the tubers, you should get late flowers on the cuttings this year and lots of plant for next year!

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