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Being my first year growing flowers. I am wanting to take some cuttings.  I see/hear the term use 50-50.  I'm unsure to what it is. The cutting I  hope to take are mini rose bush and lavender.  Any help would be great . thanks


It could be a reference to using 50/50 mix of compost with grit. Take a scoop of compost and mix it with a scoop of potting grit, then you have a 50/50 mix. A mixture with potting grit is used for plants that like free drainied soil such as lavender, I'm not sure about roses without using google to get some answers.

I think this refers to adding grit/sand to a multipurpose compost to be sure it's well drained, and cut down on fertility. The mix is 50% grit, 50% compost. It's especially important for your lavender cuttings, which will rot quickly if the compost is too wet.

You may like to know that I've had success using cubes cut from Oasis for lavenders. Just keep them slightly damp and repot the whole thing when they show roots. It works the same way as rockwool but it's a lot cheaper.

Good luck with your cuttings.

Thank you.  



I read today that you can root rosemary in water, I guess that might be possible to lavender too as long as they don't rot


No, fleurisa, domt try to root lavendar or rosemary in water.  They root quickly right now in mpc.  If you can get some grit,.sharp sand or perlite then mix this in.  50/50 or even more grit/sand/perlite than that.  They will have rooted by mid September.

Thanks everyone.  Now the next thing.  Iv seen on some sites that the cutting is put to the side of the large pot and it only shows one in the pot.  Can you put a few cuttings on the one pot? 


Yes Jinty. Just make sure the cuttings don't touch each other. Depending on what the cuttings are from you'll get around 3 to 4 in a 6" pot. 

Hi Greenjude  in the Oasis do you need to still use rooting powder.  Sorry for being so blonde,you're a blonde?  No dont  use rooting powder in water

I put 7 cuttings in 9cm pot around the edge.  None in the middle.  They root better if just inside the rim.  


Gosh that's a lot Verdi. Do you get any probs with them or do they always all take?


In my case 50-50 refers to success rate !  If I get more than half rooting I count it as success


Rule of thumb. Take 1 cutting and it wont grow. take six and they all will.

No, don't all take. Agree with chicky...if 50% take its good

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