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Evening all. I've been pottering around the garden and have found several plants I want to split up and donate to the flooded gardens champaign if they don't fit our garden plans.  Unfortunately I've no idea what they are, if they're any good to anyone, and what they need care wise til they are rehomed.

Thank you in advance!

Plant 1.

 Plant 2.

 Plant 3.

 Plant 4.


Plant 5.

 Plant 6.

 Plant 7.

 Plant 8.

That final plant is EVERYWHERE in the garden - can I just dig it up in clumps to divide it?


I've also some pansies that has just finished flowering that I've dug from the garden and put in pots. What care would they need now?


1. could be a very poorly rhododendron

2. pinks

3. pulmonaria

7. hydrangea

8. geranium

feeling quite proud of that, probably wrong though!


wild guess no 5 could be peony


Oh my!  Lots to go at !!

plant 1 - don't know

plant 2 - some sort of pink/dianthus

plant 3 - pulmonaria/lungwort

plant 4 - euphorbia, but don't know which type

plant 5 - some sort of hosta

plant 6 - don't know

plant 7 - some sort of hydrangea

plant 8 - possibly a geum (if i am being optimistic) - but more likely a creeping buttercup - not sure anyone would welcome it as a donation, as its more like a curse

Hope this helps




I fear that 1. is a rosemary with very severe jaundice.

8 looks like a hardy geranium


6 has got some hosta-like buds as well


I agree with Nut ????- 6 could be another hosta

Agree with the others

1. I second a poorly rosemary

5. Looks like Hosta shoots

8. Hardy Geranium, Phaem?

Just a note they maybe need a repot and some slow release fertiliser?


1 sickly rosemary

2 pink

3 pulmonaria

4 euphorbia

5 lilies

6 ? post again in a few weeks when we can see more

7 hardy geranium - just break bits off and pot up, all should take. very easy to propagate.


I don't think that's G. phaeum. I think it's that pink one that spreads like mad


oh yes, no 1 is a poorly rosemary - knew I'd seen it somewhere in my garden!

Hosta yes, recognise that now as well.


...the last one looks like Geranium endressii... usually have pink flowers... seed everywhere and form big clumps... perhaps several were planted and have merged together quite a bit...


Thanks all - number one looks nothing like my rosemary I would never have guessed! I found it stuffed in a corner as though it had been forgotten.  I'll pot it up and feed it and see what happens. It might relieve to be of use to someone.

Lizness - thanks for the advice! Now I know what (most of them) they are I'll hunt down some cheap larger pots and get them repotted up and fed until I've researched enough to see if I can spilt them up for a trip down South. 

Sounds like no.8 is going to be a pain!



No 8 will be fine - dig it out where you don't want it, but it'll be useful groundcover for those spots where virtually nothing else will grow or will provide patches of green and pink in the areas you haven't got around to yet   Better than bare soil - weedseeds like bare soil!!!



1 is definitely a very sad Rosemary clari! 

5  looks like a Hosta when you enlarge and 6 might be another one. 8 is a geranium and probably the one Salino mentioned. I have it here but it's out of sight!

All the others as already mentioned.


I'd dump that rosemary now Clarington. I think it's beyond help


Take the rosemary out of the pot and dry it, then burn it on the charcoal when you have a BBQ - wonderful 

Keyser Soze

No 1 looks very yew like to me?

No 4 Miniature Rhododendron?

No 7 Spirea?

Otherwise agree with the rest.

Dovefromabove wrote (see)

Take the rosemary out of the pot and dry it, then burn it on the charcoal when you have a BBQ - wonderful 

Unfortunately we have a gas BBQ (almost brought it out for its first use yesterday!) But I have a wonderfully healthy rosemary that now lives by the main path into the garden (easy reach from the kitchen & quite nice to knock when you walk past) so I think this one will be added to the compost bin.

Actually when I think about it I think I still have dried rosemary cuttings from last year somewhere!!

Thanks everyone ever so much for your help. Hopefully we can perk them up and see about getting some shipped down South.

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