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I spotted this on my weekly trip to the coffee shop. It was in bloom in mid January (not so surprising in the mild weather we are having!) in London. I've looked everywhere for information on it but cant figure out what it might be. Can anyone help me out or have any ideas what it could be?

It looks like tree but could of course have been pruned into that shape. The flowers on it are bright pink with yellow stamens and centre





Mark 499
Looks like a Camellia

Looks like a camellia to me as well.  I was in London at the weekend and saw several camellias blooming near the Tower 


Love camellias mine's not flowering yet but it's a bit colder here In Nottinghamshire!

Looks like a Camelia to me too



Squirrels eating all my camellia flowers.

Thats problem solved! So many thanks to all of you! Now to track down exactly what variety it is. Might even be cheeky and try a small cutting

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