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Can anyone identify these 2 shrubs please?






Really hope the community can help with these - I've got 3 friends who are professional gardeners and a plantaholic mother-in-law who are all at a loss!

2nd one has bamboo like qualities, in that stems are hollow - but is deciduous and all the stems meet at the bottom, and it doesn't seem to spread. 



Not sure of 1 but 2 is a Leycesteria unless I'm very much mistaken. I have several in my garden. They are great for filling a border quickly and will reach 6 ft in a season (virtually max height). The flowers are unusual pendant purple and white lantern like affairs. You can cut them back hard after flowering and they'll come back again next year. They do self propagate though the small 'seedlings' are easy to spot and easily removed. A great 'architectural' plant that's a bit unusual.

Leycesteria looks like winner! - thanks.


1 is sorbusaria


Are you sure punkdoc?

When I google sorbusaria (or sorbus aria) - I dont see anything that looks like No.1 - please can you post a link to the plant you mean?



I have one of  these but I may have got the name mixed up.


thats the one I meant

Aha - thats the one Silver Surfer thanks. Very close Punkdoc - thanks to you too.

Appreciate everyones help identifying these 2 - many thanks.

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