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Jack 3

Hello all again!

A couple of new things are popping up in the garden and wondered if anyone could ID them.

1)The first one popped up in my Lupins which are still in a plant pot.


 3)These are everywhere!

 4) Quite a lot of these

 5) Finally, this little one on it's own, just appeared near the new tree I planted.

 Cheers all!


I don't know what that seedling is

2 herb robert, Geranium robertianum

3 some other weed geranium

4 buttercup

5 aquilegia

That's more than a couple Jack

Jack 3

Cheers nutcutlet, sorry, should have said a few. I'm going to look those things up now thanks. Glad there's a buttercup, I love them, never noticed the leaves of them before though.


That sort of buttercup is a bit invasive around the garden Jack , it makes runners especially in heavy damp soil where it's most difficult to get out. Keep an eye on it

Jack 3

OK, thanks, will do. I'll have to get another picture of that seedling, I took that a few days back, it's getting really big.


first seedling might be a nicotiana silvestris (tobacco plant) seedling. They're usually that colour - slightly furry to touch? If so, lovely plant but you'll want to move it as it will grow very tall

number 2 looks very like my geranium palmatum - not like other hardy geraniums, has shiny leaves that stay on the plant all winter. If it is, it will grow very big and you will get one big stalk that then have lots of shoots with pink or white geranium flowers. Quite spectacular but takes up a lot of space 1m/ 1m. Could just be Herb Robert though as Nut says!  I suggest you pot up these unidentified plants and see what they do - could be a pleasant surprise, but if it is Herb Robert, get rid of it as it is a prolific self-seeder and prone to take over


Jack, re the seedling. What else have you sowed. That doesn't look like any weed in my collection.

Nicotiana sylvestris seedlings are tiny at the first true leaf stage, very tricky to prick out when you've sown them too thickly

Jack 3

Hi Ginglygangly, thank you for the feedback. I've got a lot of flowering tobacco seedlings, that I'm growing so I don't think it's that. The ones I'm sowing are all taking a long time grow, whilst this thing growing not far away has shot up. 

Here's another picture, it's about five to six inches wide leaf tip to leaf tip.

 Here it is next to my flowering tobacco which came out well before this, so I hope it's not the same or I'm doing something seriously wrong with my seedlings.

 I know my seedlings are overcrowded  I read that you should pinch out the ones that aren't as strong to soil level. I'm just waiting until I dare to do that and prick them out and repot them.

Jack 3

Ha, just read your comment nutcutlet, coincidence.

Jack 3

Thanks ginglygangly, regarding the geraniums. That's good advice about potting things up. Things are very overcrowded in the garden at the moment, that would be an ace idea to see what things do then replace them where I want cheers! 

No 1 looks a bit like a sunflower

No2 don't know

No3 aconite?

No4 buttercup

No5 aqualeiga

Jack 3

Nutcutlet, I've sown, Flowering Tobacco, Sweet Rocket, Teasel, Honesty, Candy Tuft, Lobelia and Cosmos. But they are all still a lot smaller.


Yes, it's none of those. Give it a few more leaves and we'll have another look

I think anything that big at this stage is likely to be an annual


Jack 3

May have to try pricking out and potting on that 'ft' tomorrow.


Good idea Jack. It will overtake the lupin otherwise

Could number 1 be Centranthus? 

Jack 3

nutcutlet, I meant the Flowering Tobacco, did you see the picture above, but yes, I'll do that also.

Cheers Ryan, I'll have a look at that.


I saw the pic Jack, I don't think that's any sort of Nicotiana. It's too big all round