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1. I bought a couple of shrub roses , 

Tuscany Superb and Queen of Denmark. could they cope with a site that only gets sun in the afternoon? They would get more in the winter when the leaves are off the trees. The RHS wasn't very helpful. Says full sun, but also NSE or W aspect. North wouldn't get full sun.

2. I have R. moyesii which has always had a tendency to yellow leaves. It's been there some years and has had applications of horse muck and occasional chicken pellet manure. In the same area, this spring, I planted R spinosissima which was a lovely dark green when I put it there but is now more yellow. If it was a deficiency what might it be. Or, as my garden is a former tip used by builders and farmers, if there was something in the soil there what sort of thing might cause yellowing

Thanks all



Your roses should be fine with just afternoon sun. Our last garden was quite shaded and roses seemed to cope. They might flower less profusely than they would in full sun but should be healthy enough

Not sure about the yellowing leaves especially as it sounds as if you are adding goodness to the soil already. Maybe adding some feed made specifically for roses would be beneficial?

full sun is "best" but they'll be fine I'm sure with sun from the afternoon.

Could be a magnesium deficiency Nut.


Thanks Chrissie and Hostafan, I'll get the roses in as soon as the stinging nettles are out They won't necessarily have to be there permanently but they're starting to flower and would look better in the garden than the black nursery pots.

I'll try a specific rose feed and see if there's any improvement. I try not to think too hard about what has been dumped here over the years



Hi Nut, I've had a look at my Dad's really old rose books, R.spinosissima is supposed to be really tough and will cope with impoverished soil but if that and Moyesii are both showing signs of chlorosis I doubt it's lack of general food. Book says most likely to be lack of a trace element usually iron, magnesium, manganese, boron. Iron is usually the culprit this can happen when there is too much lime in the soil or you are growing on chalk. 

I would imagine feed specifically for roses will contain trace elements, rather than treating with sulphate of iron, but they do suggest a spray of seq' iron on foliage can also help.   


p.s the book also says that you can now find chicken manure in pellet form in some parts of the country !!


Right, thanks KEF, I'll get a specific rose feed and some sequestrene and see what happens. I love Rosa moyesii but it's spoilt by those yellowed leaves. 

I'll give it a couple of years of TLC and see how it goes. My fear is that there's something in there. I've just remembered I moved Galanthus 'Wendy's Gold' from there because it wasn't increasing. It's only had one season in the new home and doubled in flower power.




Nut, I have Tuscany Superb, which gets morning sun, but afternoon shade and does just fine. I think it is a real stunner, just love the colour.


Thanks Pd, it's got its first flower, love the perfume and the bees are in there

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