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Wandered about with the camera the other day.


Silver Saxifrage

Clematis Niobe

Rose Joseph's Coat

I hate Roses, but this one has not scratched me, yet, so it has stayed.


Allium karataviense

Camassia leichtlinii alba



More to follow later.

Like that first weigela Berghill - have you got a name ?

Oops - how rude - the others are lovely too


Probably Weigela Florida variegata.


Dwarf Rhododendron

Pink Mossy Saxifrage

Achillea ?taygeta

Armeria pseudoarmeria dark form

Armeria pseudoarmeria pink form.

Osteospernum ? Irish

Armeria maritima alba

Roscoea Early Purple


Silver surfer

Sorry  your Wegela .....pic  no 9 down  is actually a Azalea.

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Lovely blooms Berghill - I particularly like the last one.  Roscoea, a new species on me.  Are they easy to grow or more importantly, are they hardy?   


Roscoea are very hardy. Most of mine are either still underground or in the case of R. cautleyoides kew beauty, just through. I have nothing in flower yet. That early purple is certainly early.  The hardest thing in growing them is to mark them so that you don't stick a fork through them early in the season. It means delicate hand weeding around them.


Thanks for that fidgetbones.  I must give one a try.


Lovely photos as always Berghill.  Nice to see so much of your garden in bloom. I love the little saxifrages   

We're a bit behind up here, but the drier, milder winter has brought a few things on earlier. My Niobe has just opened the first flower - a couple of weeks earlier than usual. Must get out with the camera.

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