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Great that his nephew is carrying on the family holly orchard.  Interesting that holly will live for 300 years.  The tall holly round here tends not to have berries on the lower branches and is not prickly low down but prickly above animal grazing height.


I got the 'prickly' bit round the wrong way - prickly at the base and above grazing level smooth edge leaves.


The fact that the leaves above the reach of grazing animals aren't prickly is one of the first things I remember learning about plants, and running down into the field behind the wood where I knew there was a holly tree to check and being so pleased that it was true 


We must have giraffes around here then, cos I can see prickles 15 ft up.

 Funny thing about the variegated sort. I made decorations for table and mantelpieces, and my friend commented that she didn't want a plastic table decoration.!!!.

 I pointed out that the plastic sort isn't prickly , and this was.



She should've gone to Specsavers FB 

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