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sara haywood
There are poppies in flower and more to come! I wonder if they realise it is November and it is quite cold??

Obviously not Sara  - are they the native wild-type poppies or one of the cultivated vareties?

sara haywood
They are wild ones, seeded themselves from this summers showing, we are having frosty mornings now so they are such a pleasure to see.

Isnt it great when that happens? I have just taken a stroll round the garden in the sun and found a rose has started to flower again.

There is always something new to see if you find the time to do nothing in the garden. It is a much underated pastime.


I can see buds on my David Austin Mayflower rose from my kitchen window 



Popppies growing here in south Wales too. Not as large as in the summer but it's there in the front garden, defying the cold northerly wind. Also saw a bee and a butterfly today. Bizarre.

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