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Hi there,

We're working on our front garden, inherited last year. One section along the neighbour's fence is particularly wild. We cut a lot back last year but it's sprouted again. There's a hawthorn & rowan tree in one corner which seem to be worth keeping and attract the birds. 

We don't know what the other plants are, if there's anything worth keeping or what to plant if we attempt complete removal. The fence faces north and we would prefer to see plants there. It's also a windy spot and we have very alkaline soil. 

Any advice or plant or weed identification would be really very much appreciated. 

Thanks in advance. 



Hi Moira, I could do with a closer look at individual plants, leaf, bark, flowers if there are any

I can see some Elder there, but to be honest I can't make out enough detail on the photos. I would take out the elder if it was my garden, but some people like it.

Thanks for the responses - I will post some more detail of the particularly concerning plants. Is the tall tree an elder?

Hi again - this is the most virulent plant 



And here's another plant - this one is starting to produce very small pink flowers


Thanks - yes it did have white berries on it in the winter. That's really helpful


I'd agree Kirsty and the other looks like a buddleia.

Also on the extreme right of the very  first pic a flowering currant

and on the extreme L of the 2nd pic maybe a perennial sweet pea

That's very helpful - thank you. Starting to build up a picture of what's there now.

On your second photo Moira I think I can see a Sycamore. You need to remove it now whilst it still small enough to be done easily.

Thanks so much. What we're going to do is clear the area, keeping the hawthorn & rowan tree (not pictured) and plant with climbers and evergreen shrubs. Rosa rugosa & mahonia x charity seem suitable from the guides. We also have some honesty seedlings growing in the greenhouse and a patch of daffodils then bluebells which we left alone sprung up amongst the scrub this year. Maybe keep a bit of the snowberry.

Otherwise the plan is a little wild but much more managed.

Thanks for your IDs - it's been invaluable and as novices we have the confidence to go ahead and remove much of it.

Any suggestions for evergreen/semi-evergreen climbers much appreciated.

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