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Hi - my mum has sent me these pics to see if anyone can help with identifying it please.  Thanks in advance....






Victoria Sponge

Is it a rusty foxglove?

There's digitalis ferruginea and another brown one I don't know the name of...


2nd pic is def foxglove. Is the first one the same plant? Doesn't look like the leaves of a foxglove 

Victoria Sponge

D ferruginea has different leaves to a normal foxglove...but I just went out and looked at mine and now I'm not sure I've got that right.

Mine has a lot of leaves going up the stem. 

Where are all the experts tonight, leaving us to do IDing on our own...

Vebascum? Or something else with a 'v' at the start. Saw something similar in GC today. Veronicastrum. Or maybe a foxglove. (Embarassed smiley)


Victoria Sponge

D parviflora is another brown foxglove...maybes that one...?


It's the leaves that threw me too's another pic




I find all the brownish ones difficult to distinguish. Except ferruginea and it's not that.


It is def. a foxglove, not D,ferruginea as i grow that one. It could be D.parviflora as that is brown, but there are a number of other brown foxgloves available.


To me it looks larger flowered than either of those two, there's lanata as well


Leaves look like isoplexis,,, the tender ones.


Thanks all. Looking at pics of D. lanata I reckon that's a good bet.

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