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I'm in need if advice -again!!!! I'm stood needing my bread and thinking about how to design my bed at the front of the house. After standing today and watching the newly planted skimmia getting bashed with the cruel winds I know its going to be relocated tomorrow night after work. By the time I put my bread to prove I had about a list of 2 plants to use in the bed, and that is because they are plonked there awaiting a 'plan' So as my knowledge is v limited and all I have in my head is the perennials that I have planted in the back boarders. However I fear that alone they too would succumb to the wind. So I'm a tad lost and in need of key gardeners out there to throw some designs my way. It's sandy soil that I shipped in to replace the clay. It's right on the tip of my drive so in full sun and east facing. It catches the wind on bad days!! I fancy all year interest and neat compact bushy evergreens softened with lots of colour. The bed itself is triangular and 5ft by 6 ft by 4.5ft approx. At the moment I have a hebe red edge, an aquilegia and a skimmia and something that looks like cannabis but is definitely not!!! It's spikey leaves and then puts out green poddy sort of heads. Although mine hasn't flowered yet. Apparently it spreads and can get leggy. It was a clump from someone's garden so doesn't have to stay. So feel free to make suggestions and if you know rough prices for plants then let me know. See how many limbs I need to sell to get the entrance of the drive looking stunning!! Thanks in anticipation
Hiya red dahlia. You have outlined a bed hot, dry n sunny n windy from the east.
Phormiums spring to mind....evergreen and colourful. Red, yellow and striped.
Conifers aren't to everyone's fancy but usually it's because they grow wrong ones. Taxus....yews....are tough, resistant to wind, drought etc. some lovely yellow varieties. my favourite conifers. I grow one called spring it is a coppery orange and becomes bright yellow in summer. Purple pittosporum....Tom thumb.... Santolinas, which are silver grey scented mounds, lavendars, euonymous emerald n gold. Deciduous plants can offer substance too....woody shapes over winter and loads of flowers in spring n summer like Potentillas, caryopteris with blue flowers, hardy blue salvias, Veronica's, and dwarf berberis with purple foliage.
Penstemons come in a huge range of colours...pinch cuttngs?...pinks have scented flowers over wonderful blue foliage all summer, grasses like stipa Tennuissima with billowing clouds of flowers all summer, hardy geraniums like jolly bee a stunning blue all summer but pink and white colours too. You can make a stunning garden with foliage shapes and colours. As soon as I post this I will think of dozens of plants you can use.....others will add their ideas. Then look up what appeals and put,them,to paper. Tinker with it, change it and imagine it. You won't get it right totally but with most of these plants you can move them or split them
Lots to google tomorrow then. Half the time your limited to what is in the garden centre. Thankyou!!
It's not a huge bed. Wont need loads of plants. A local nursery prob better than GC

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