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I went to the Orchid festival last year. They were packing up one of the big greenhouses for restoration. A woman was querying why the Rhododendron fragrantissimum had parcels of moss in plastic tied on the stems. The gardener working nearby was studiously ignoring her.  I explained to the lady that it was being air layered, so that if it died when they moved it, they would have a spare to replace it.

About a month later, they showed just that on the TV. My OH commented that somewhere was a lady who was going...Oh I know that.


Hi Mike, I visit Wisley quite often and like you I have never seen the groundstaff in deep conversation with members of the public.

Thanks for the heads up on Kew, I was thinking of taking my better half as she is a keen photographer but its an expensive and long day so maybe stick to Wisley where we get in free as RHS members.

I do like Kew but its a pain driving there and a long drag on the train from here in Kent.


I agree with scroggin on this point too. We as a family try to go at different times in the year to see what is growing. We recently went to see the butterflies and I must say that if you wear glasses, take a hanky as it is so humid, your glasses will not demist.

We also went to Kew a few years ago now, and were lucky enough to be given a tour of the Herbarium. It was the first time it had been opened to the public in 20 years. We got to see alot of the samples sent back by Darwin, and the staff could not do enough to answer any questions.

I was in Hyde Hall today. The sun was bright and warm and it was lovely. The soil is warming up, new buds coming on, even the weeds looks good!!.

I used to work in the Herbarium, many years ago.



Fluffy, I was there too, should have posted that I was going.

I've got a thread going with pics.

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