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I've found an odd plant growing on my allotment, no idea what it is or where it came from, but it's definitely not a vegetable It's about 6" tall with strappy sort of leaves, not very bushy, and a lovely bright royal blue flower with three petals, about an inch across. Any ideas?
Thanks for answering, it does look a bit like the tradescantia on the link, but only broadly. The three petals on mine are seperate, not joined and the leaves are more like a houseplant-type tradescantia than long iris-type leaves. I'll take a photo of it tomorrow!


That looks more like it on the foliage, but the flowers are different. I was going to take a photo of it, but the one open flower has gone so I'll wait till the others open. They sit in a strange sort of case, the flowers, before they open, which is hard to describe but a sort of tear-drop shape with reddish brown streaks, and the flowers are held in a spray type arrangement as far as I can tell, though it looks like only one opens at a time. The flower colour is a really clear royal blue, the same shade as something like lithodora 'Heavenly Blue'. I'm vexed that I can't find out what it is!


Thanks, Dove, that certainly looks like it I dug one up, expecting it to be a bulb but it has thick fleshy roots, so I just replanted it. I seem to have five of them, though where on earth they've come from has me completely stumped! We've had the plot four years now, and though I have scattered some wildflower/kids annual mixes on two beds to attract pollinators I don't remember anything like this. The flowers don't last very long, but are the most stunning bright blue. I shall do my best to nurture it now I know what it is, but given that its growing almost completely shaded out by three 3m-plus sunflowers it seems easily pleased!


Save seed, it does not always survive Winter.


Also comes in white.


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