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First time user and (very) amateur gardner looking for advice.

I'm looking for suggestions for a climbing rose or rose type for a free standing frame (2m high) in my south facing garden. After searching various mediums I appear to be looking for the impossible;

A relatively fast climbing rose, minimally thorny, evergreen and very fragrant. I also prefer smaller flower heads!

Suggestions would be welcomed. Many thanks





star gaze lily

New Dawn, is a pale pink climber, and small flowers compared to most roses.

Do you have a particular colour in mind,  there is also one called iceberg,  another called marigold and one called Handle all with smallish flowers

David Austen do good roses

Try having a look at www.Handley rose  They have nice descriptions of their climbers and whether its fragrant. Zephirine Drouhin is thornless, fragrant, small blooms.


I have a zephirine drouhin and it really is fragrant and seems to tick all your boxes


Tried the David Austin website? A few there might suit you.

Isn't Zephirine Drouhin the rose that gets every disease under the sun though ? !!

A Shropshire Lad Climbing/ David Austin roses.

Blush Noisette 


Crown Princess Margareta 

all from David austin, excellent quality and reliable performers


I love David Austin roses, but most have big flowers. I have A Shropshire Lad, it's lovely, hardly any thorns, but the flowers are big.

Thanks for all your responses

Ive looked through many of the suggestions and ended up with something! I'm inclined towards a Lykkefund Multiflora, although its described as a rambler I am presuming it can be trained upwards,  the scent appears to be strong, its hardy, the flowers are the right size (small) and I like the colour.

Would anyone have any experience or opinion on this Rose.

I looked at the Zephirine Drouhin, but indeed the flowers are larger than I would like.

Many thanks again. Daniel

Reine des violettes, medium sized blooms but beautiful colour and mostly thornless. 

new dawn st swithin,gertrude jekyll-though thorny, zephrine drouhin  or generous gardener, i got all mine from david austin all doing well, you have lots of choice!

ps my zephrine drouhin is in north northwest corner and is healthy after 1st year, got fair few flowers too



But Daniel, you said you wanted it for your frame, which is 2m tall. Lykkefund is a vigorous rambler that grows 5 - 6 metres tall and 4 m wide. It is best for growing up a tree. It is also a fairly rare rose, but I think Peter Beales Classic roses has it.

Louise, all those roses have large flowers.

A smaller rambler that grows about 3m tall, not that many thorns, a light perfume (not strong), flowers twice a year (most ramblers flower only once), pale yellow, is "Malvern Hills". I have one in a large pot. David Austin stocks it. Has small flowers, pretty.

This is mine



Try rambler Félicié Perpetue.  It will only flower once but has small white flowers with a pink flush and flowers quite late and maintains its leaves well into winter - .

Mlavern Hills is a lovely rose for but in my cold winters it loses all its leaves and can struggle to get going again in spring.


Busy Lizzie, can i not trim to keep the size of the Lykkefund down, or would this compromise its health?


Pruning roses early in the year usually makes them want to grow more vigorously. But rambler roses are a bit different as they make flowers on the previous years growth, so you prune the branches that have flowered in summer, if at all, otherwise just remove dead wood and shorten the ends of the stems. If you prune roses a lot in summer you are reducing their food making ability through their leaves, so it will eventually affect the health.

My rambler Felicité Perpetué grows to over 4 metres tall. My Malvern Hills keeps it's leaves until we get a really cold spell. It has it's leaves at the moment.


..I like Malvern Hills very much, and I admire the way you have it controlled in a container.... I should warn that in the open ground it will turn into a rambler that appears to know no bounds... ultimately I tired of it, as there was too much growth and not enough flowers...past midsummer....

I now have Ghislaine de Feligonde which is similar but more gentle growth, prickles rather than thorns... and the totally thornless Kew Gardens... not much scent but continuous flowering and is making a small climber... evergreen in this far..

..if you really want Lykkefund - try it and see, it's your decision, things can be changed... one of it's advantages is that it sheds it's dead flowers gracefully so it never appears unsightly... but there is only one flush....

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