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I was given two Abutilons by my aunt who lives in Northern Ireland and has them in her garden. They were young plants and I planted them out into my garden in the spring. They have been growing very well and one of them is still doing well but the other has turned yellow and seems to be dying. It's now about 6ft tall.  I now read they don't do well in gardens so am confused. I don't have a greenhouse. Can I dig up the dying one or should I leave well alone?


When I had one I kept it in a pot and brought it indoors in the winter - they can survive outside in very favourable conditions but I don't know about where you are - is your aunt's garden warm and sheltered?


I'm in Sussex and my garden is quite exposed. My aunt has a huge garden and to be honest not sure where her abutilons are. will have to ask. Is now an OK time to move them as I think probably they are too exposed? Can I save the one that looks like it's dying?



I think the one that's losing it's leaves is probably just doing that because it's autumn.

If you pot them up do you have a conservatory they can over winter in?


I don't have a conservatory no. Not sure where I'd put them as all quite exposed. The one that is losing its leaves is also looking droopy whereas the other one is very perky and still green and only a little bit smaller. It certainly doesn't look like normal autumn leafdrop. Would I damage it further by moving?



Well, if you think it's dying you really have nothing to lose - I'd cut it back first then move it to a more sheltered spot, it needs free-draining soil too.

But I'm sorry to say that I really don't think they're hardy in the UK except in very special spots. 

Anyone else got a better idea? 


I,ve had an abutilon in the garden for several years,they always look sad when they have finished flowering,I always give mine a hard prune then right back to almost the hard wood(depending if you want it to get any bigger,I don,t).

It gets no special teeatment,but is situated in a sheltered spot next to a fence with the shed on one side and a thick hedge on the other.

If you decide to prune,do it asap,if you get frosts soon after,it will kill it.

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