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Morning everyone, snow here in the East Midlands again - where is Spring?

I'm growing some Abutilon from seed this year and would like to keep one or two of them as houseplants. Will they thrive and flower indoors?

I also planted some Fatsia seeds several weeks ago which haven't germinated, should I give up or does anyone have ways of waking stubborn seeds?


Thanks Brumball, they have spent time in the airing cupboard but then I wondered if they needed

light. Abutilons are showing signs of life but I'll put the Fatsia back in the dark and warm and hope for the best.


Ihave an abutilon in the house which I grew from seed outside last summer, but I brought it indoors in Autumn.  It is bushy and about 14 inches high now, and I hope for flowers later on.

Hi Jayne,

Did you get any flowers last year?


Brumball, I'm not sure where your replies have disappeared too, but thought I would let you know that a couple of my Fatsia have germinated after a few days back in the airing cupboard. I'm hoping that a few more might appear over the next few days.


Hello sorry I must have overlooked my notification of a reply.  My friend gave me a lovely fatsia  some years back.  They are quite exotic looking!  But yes, I did have some flowers on the Abutilon last year on both a blue one and a peach one.  One has died during this winter, but not sure which until the remaining one flowers later on.  Thanks for reply.

Hi Mike, thanks for this.  I have taken a few cuttings and had success with a couple of them in a cooler part of the house.  I do like them.  What do you do with yours in winter, as I am told they are not hardy?  Mine are in a cool place in the house over winter, as my greenhouse got badly damaged in the storm this year!

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