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when is the best time to move an acer that I bought in the spring.  It needs to be in a semi shaded position, but I dont want to move it at the wrong time of the year.  It is the garden at present but suffering from sun and wind damage.


I'd move any deciduous tree/shrub in the dormant season. A nice day in winter when it's not saturated or frozen out there

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I would recommend doing it once the leaves have dropped.... yet asap after that before soil gets too cold.

The tree will carry on growing new roots even without leaves on.

Water it  in... don't rely on rain too do  it.

If it was bought as a pot shrub and not too big I would move it now.  I know.....gasp,,shudder.....but it should be fine.  Soil is nice amd warm and wet weather is just around the corner.  

I moved an Acer umder sImilar circumstances last summer that was in wrong place.  

The advantage of doing it now is that you can see it as ??ou would like it next year.   Have the plantImg hole prepared amd keep as much soil around it as possible.  Water very well.  PlantIng in the dormant season means putting it in cold soil.  A small plant won't notice it's been moved


I would also move it now - as Verdun has said the roots will not have expanded much and the soil is still warm and the wind damage will only increase and that can kill them.


As it is still fairly small I will try and move soon.  Hopefully going to rain tomorrow which will make the ground easier to dig.


Thanks for your advice

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