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Earlier this year someone posted a question about pruning Acer flamingo. Some were highly sceptical when I suggested pruning to ground level every spring. That's what I do. My bush is now a mass of pink, cream and pale green, not too much of the,green though, some 7 feet tall by 9 feet across. I wil post a photo later when I find out how to do it. It is truly the eye catching focal point of my top garden.


NO. Don't do that JJ. Most varieties need no or little pruning. I live near the coast in Cornwall so Japanese maples are difficult. I grow 2 and simply prune the dead stems and tips in spring. Acer flamingo is more vigorous.....a different type of Acer. If you list what you have on this forum you wil get loads of advice I'm sure

thank you christopher. i will find out what varieties i have before i do any thing to them.


Japanese maples tend not to take kindly to pruning except for removing any branches killed by winter frosts and a little modest re-shaping.

Interesting about your Flamingo Christopher.  I have a young one in my big front triangular bed which needs some re-jigging for extra winter interest and a better summer display so it's good to know I can decide it will be a shrub and not a full blown tree.



Hiya obelixx. In addition to the hard pruning I pinch the leading shoots two or three times during the summer. It makes it far bushier and produces masses of pink shoots. I do exactly,the same with,my cotinus royal purple.

That's a good tip too.  My cotinus often loses a few branches to winter freezes.  Too late this year but next year i'll be pinching its tips to make it bushier.  Thanks.

My Dad was THE gardener of the family and sadly is no longer with me - I've inherited a Flamingo Acer at my new flat and to me, it's doesn't seem to be very happy, the majority of the leaves look very withered, but there is an unusal 'green' shoot thats appeared in the middle of it - please see attached photos and any assistance gratefully received.

Thank you,



Umm...don't seem to be any photos. But I'd guess the unusual green shoot is a reversion, and probably needs removing.


I had a flamingo that kept getting scorched by wind and sun, I think the variegated leaves were a bit delicate for the position it was in.

Hiya karen

Just pull off the green shoots...preferably pulling downwards.

You can prune this plant quite hard.  Those withered leaves you see are the old, winter-battered ones.  The new leaves are emerging now."lovely plant with pink, white, and pale green leaves giving a stunning show in summer.


Thanks for this Verdun, I will certainly follow your advice.

It was one of your photos that made me interested in this. Then saw one at the Malvern Spring show, and have finally found one I can afford at B&Q yesterday.

I listed it in my 'book' as a must have way back in /MayApril


very excited by it 

I have a flamingo acer which has a 4ft branch that has reverted back to a normal green acer, please can you tell me when to remove it 

Many thanks Lesley Thomas

Lesley, pull it off now. ,downward tug...or cut it off af source.

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