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I planted about 2 dozen crocosmia but only 2 have flowered. I dug up some compacted bulbs from and old flower bed and re-planted them. I guess that was the wrong thing to do? Do crocosmia only flower on fresh new bulbs? Expert advice need please!


It might be that you planted the 'baby' new ones which might need to grow a bit before they flower - I'd give them another year at least 

OK - will wait, thanks! Are the old big bulbs I planted any good or should I dig them up and plant new?


The bulbs? Oh, about the size of a tomato - gardeners delight size!!



Were they like this? 

 Were they the bottom ones or the top ones?  They grow a new one on top each year, the top ones are the new ones.  They sometimes also grow lots of little baby ones around them - they won't be of flowering size for a while.

Yes - just like that. I split them up - had a whole bucket full!  Then I replanted them - that is until I got fed up...  I wonder if the older, fatter ones were past their best.

Mine didn't flower this year either. Had left them undisturbed from last year. The leaves came through ok, but then we had the lovely summer weather and they started to look very sorry for themselves! Resorted to buying another pot, so that I had the late season colour. Have put it down to this year's growing conditions and am hoping for better next year!


I was trying desperately to remember 'O' level biology and how corms develop - then I checked Wiki - here we are, including stuff about crocosmia 

I think that your corms might flower next year - give them some FB&B and see what happens.  You've got nothing to lose have you 


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