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i'm looking for an acer palmatum to suit my very windy garden. I like osakazuki but i'm  not to sure it's would be a sutible choice any ideas what would?

Morning gardener bee
You have a very windy garden so not best situation.
Decent soil?
Acers need protection from strong avoid full midday sun....and cold winds. Dappled shade.....taller plants on the exposed side will important too.
The dissectum varieties are more prone to damage by sun and wind than the straight, full leaf (PALMatum) ones and the yellow or orange more sensitive again than the darker purple leaved varieties.
I struggle with the dissectum types but can grow palmatum by providing shelter and conditions suitable. Neutral to acid soil with good humus content and that won't dry out too quickly
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Acer + wind = disaster.

I recommend a complete rethink.


I agree with the above posters.

Acers are very delicate - any kind of prolonged wind simply strips the tree of its leaves and looks hideous.

For a purple foliage plant cotinus royal,purple is unbeatable.
Easy to grow. Looks beautiful. Easily controlled by pruning.
Gardener bee check out this as an alternative


It's the wind Brum
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Quote..".don't really agree with all the above, sorry peeps but have strong evidence to suggest Acers can be happily maintained in full sun .... even south facing."


We grow many hundreds of Acers.

I agree they can be very happy in full sun.

But not wind

I have 2 acers in pots and they do get wind burn very easily. I have to constantly move them to a shelteted position whenever there is a prolong windy spell like what we're having the past few days.

I grow sambucus nigra in an exposed site and they do withstand the elements much better. Look quite similar to the delicate acers.
Lovely combination is cotinus royal purple, eucalyptus and sambucus Sutherland gold. All coppiced and all producing wonderful dense colourful leaf colour all summer. Purple, blue amd yellow..all subtle amd all harmonious. Who needs fastidious acers?
Just stirring the pot Brum.....know you like your acers but I guess you grow them well

I have grown Japanese acers for years, and full sun can be deadly if the acer is in the wrong spot, even when there is no wind. The critical time is early May, when the young leaves are starting to open on a frosty morning. Morning sun can wipe out all the leaves, and if the acer is young it will have no energy to generate new leaves. And, even if there is no frost, if the acer is in full sun you can get scorch that disfigures the leaves for the whole summer, especially on teh more delicate variegated / golden leaved varieties. 

One other thing - they preper acid soil, can grow OK on neutral soil or slightly akaline soil if it is moisture retentive (eg loamy) but if its alkaline and dry / free draining soil, I really wouldn't bother. 

David Currie

I have just bought two Acer's 1x wilson's pink dwarf and 1x little princess.. I live in prestwick south ayrshire which has had a lot of wind in the past months but I'm determined to press on, i have a shaded calm spot at the back of the garden where I can place these lovely specimens out of harms way, I am going to repot them into  ceramic patio planters with Ericaceous + john innes No.3. 

I have a green standard which was in a pot for about 4 or 5 years and I decided to plant it into the ground last year. It's in the middle of the garden so gets Sun from about 9am until 7pm. It's not particularly windy but obviously not that sheltered either. It grew in its usual manner last spring but then come the Autumn had a huge growth spurt. I was just over 4 feet tall when I put it in but it's now almost 6 feet tall! Needless to say I'm interested to see how it behaves again this year.

I've also got a bloodgood which enjoys Sun in the morning but is quite sheltered. That's doing well too.

My Orange dream in a pot is susceptible to wind burn so I try to move it about in the weather.

I bought a young Garnet last year and for some reason it came out into leaf but about 6 weeks later it dropped all of its leaves. I've put it into a more sheltered spot and it's about to come out again. I'll be careful to protect it this year from early morning Sun

There is an anti-transpirant spray you can buy to protect the leaves from the wind.

i agree most do not like the wind, i have a couple of large trees cut down for bonsai and they just didnt like the wind and sun.

i have now built a slightly more shaded area with a slight wind break to see if helps. for several different sizes and colour acer.

but i must say my deshojo sits on my bonsai bench which has full sun until about 1pm and is a bit windy and it has had no issues so far.  others in this spot but younger were not happy





Beautiful Marc, have you root pruned it?

not personally yet since purchased but will need to maintain every couple of years

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