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Hello All, 

Have a Mock Orange shrub that's about 3ft wide and 10/12 foot high... understand that this is the right time to prune - flowers are just fading - looked online and advice suggests removing about 1/3 of the old growth.... I started to do this but am finding that its pretty much all old growth 10ft of woody stem with a few pairs of leaves at the end... 

Have had a reasonable chop at it - being what I thought was quite conservative - but partner says it now looks silly (am in some agreement) and wants me to cut it all down to about 4/5 ft.... Just wondered if anyone had any advice... Am I likley to kill it by doing that? Will it re-sprout from the older growth? 

I'd cut it down by half and thin out the stems at the centre, anything crossing etc like you are winter pruning a rose.  It will look really bare after you have cut it but not for long.

I agree with Lizzy. New growth will soon cover up any bare branches, and by next year it will fill out and flower well. It is quite a hardy shrub and will tolerate being cut back, you should not kill it by a bit of hard pruning.
  1. I have had a mock orange in a pot for a couple of years waiting for a new garden to plant it in ( was moving!) I eventually planted it into our new garden last autumn and although it has put on a bit of growth ( is about 3' x 3' now it is a bit straggly and has not flowered. Any ideas why it is not flowering and should I cut it back a bit to get it to thicken up???
Not sure why it has'nt flowered frensclan, could be it needs more time to settle in. You could cut it back a bit now but not too much. Hopefully next year you should get some flowers. Being in a pot for so long might have slowed it down a bit. I adore the smell of it, and it looks good too.



Thanks for this Lorelel ?, I will give it a little trim when the weather clears up a bit and wait in hopeful ecpectation for next year. I agree with you it does have the most heavenly smell.

Cut all flowered shoots out completely. Also trace old wood....lighter more gnarled far back as possible, to ground level if poss. Mock orange does look " silly" when cut back but it soon recovers and produces shoots to flower next year. I wouldn't cut bush back totally as you will end up with a plant that prob won't flower for 2 or 3 years. Don't cut back to "thicken" it up, please. Prune immediately after flowering. A potash feed too may help

Didn't get around to pruning mine in July. Am I too late for this year? It's enormous, don't think it's ever been pruned properly and didn't flower very well at all.

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