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As many gardeners around the world I love to grow vegetables in my garden,by now  I have tried all of the usuals but i am looking for something a bit different. If anyone could suggest any good interesting vegetables to grow then it would be much appreciated.



I'm trying yinyang beans this year - they are so striking looking - black and white.  Also Bijou lettuce - a lovely decorative curly one that is a brilliant red and so delicious and lime basil.

Thanks for the infomation. I shall be sure to try one of these in the future.


If you have a sense of humour you can buy willie chillies these are phalically shaped red chilles   I have no idea how they taste though.

Sorry cant make any comments about veg as the only one i grow are Tomatoes, these Tumblers both Red and Yellow look quite something in hanging baskets.


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