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A few years ago i brought a  Agapanthus Strawberry Ice online and this year its flowered really well. If i collect the seeds this year and sow them will they grow white like the mother plant or not.


The offspring will likely be a mixture, some similar and some quite different.  Try it and after about 3 years when thay start flowering, you will be able to select  and keep the ones you like.


it may be several years before they flower and not at all likely to be the same as the parent plant.

If you're a patient optimist, then go for it. 


if you're going to do it, sow them fresh, don't store them



They grow very quickly, I sowed some earlier this year, they are quite big plants now. I don't mind what colours they are.  Definitely worth a go. 


It's probably a lot easier just to split one up.


It is easier to split them up but you won't get 100 plants by next year.


Some people just love a challenge.   Do give it a go, you have nothing to lose but you might have a bit of a wait, be patient.

Agapanthus take a while to get going with flowering as it is. If you do have off sets you need to have them tightly packed in their pots to get them to flower .

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