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We lost all our agapanthus in the hard winter a couple of years ago (along with practicaly everything else in the garden) so the year before last wepotted up  lots of new baby plants, bought from a very good local source but not a major garden centre. This will be their third year and though we have lots of luscious leaf growth there is no sign of any flowers.  They are fed and watered and sheltered in the winter - what are we doing wrong, please?  Should we scrap them and just go out to a GC and buy a load of new plants that are in flower?  We actually planted 30 plants, and they are all in pots, as the others that we lost were, ut I don't know what to do for the best.

Morning lulubella

Agapanthus basically are only just coming into bit early for you to judge.

I think you possibly are feeding and watering too much.  Agapanthus like dry even parched comditions, to be slightly root bound too.  Your "luscious growth" comfirms for me you are too generous with them.  

I would put agapanthus in open, warm position and cut back on the feeding. So, no dont throw away your plants

They are in a sheltered spot - our patio is south facing and when it is warm it is very warm but they are protected from being burned by the other plants round about - I guess we will just have to persevere until next year and see what happens - we protected them with fleece over the winter as we lost so many the winter before - perhaps we were wrong to do this? They did not lose their leafy growth over the winter - perhaps we are trying too hard because it cost us in terms of 4 figures to replace everything we lost in that very hard winter but i will take the advice and not feed them for a while and leave the watering to the rain.


Mine are just coming inot bud, I don't expect full flowering until well into July or even August - and this year they got off to a late start.  Patience is a virtue with agapanthus, as with many other plants.  If they are now filling their pots they should flower - they do like to be rather tightly potted, and until they fill their pots they will concentrate on making new roots and leaves and then they will flower.  If they werre really pretty small when you got them, it may be a year or two yet before they do so.  


Thank you - I guess we will just hand on for another year then.  There are no signs of any buds or flowers being produced so we will just have to learn patience which is a virtue I am not very good at!

As bookertoo said...patience.  Here in Cornwall agapanthus grow everywhere....even fields growing nothing else but agapanthus.  It was good to protect with fleece over wimter.

You may be surprised....buds "suddenly" appear and thence the flowers and you are really looking at after mid summer for that.  Don't fuss them, don't over feed. Don't over water. Agapanthus really are an easy plant

That is what we thought with our first collection but perhaps I am paranoid about them after losing so much stuff in the garden a couple of winters ago!  Obviously, if they grow wild like that, they do notneed feeding or watering over much - I guess I might have messed up but I shall definitely leave them alone now and see what happens.


If its any consolation, mine are very slow to get started too. 

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