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I have an agave,and its just starting to flower, can anyone tell me why  it flower so late when the frosts will kill it?


Does it always flower this late or is it just another effect of 'summer' 2012?

flowering rose

the frost will kill it,it is flowering because its fooled into thinking its the right conditions.I bring mine in unless you have a very sheltered protectected area.

It has only flowered twice in 9 yrs and both times this late, I can`t bring it in because its planted in a south facing corner of the garden.


I have found the same with my Yuccas (gloriosa) whose 3 flower stems are trying to open since beginning of November. Perhaps because the seasons have been very mixed up this year? Compare the two pictures: Nov 2012 and June 2006 




thanks for your replies I guess i`ll just have to hope that one year I`ll see it in its glory.

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