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just seen in my sunday paper. bedding plant sale at aldi. 1POUND 79 PENCE for a 10 pack.anyone brave enough to plant out or pot on .go for it.  onwards ann upwards. wrinkly1....


I wouldn't dream of planting out bedding plants just yet. Pot on under a frame for a little while yet. 

went to aldi on saturday lots of plants had been ruined by frost

wrinkly1 wrote (see)

just seen in my sunday paper. bedding plant sale at aldi. 1POUND 79 PENCE for a 10 pack.anyone brave enough to plant out or pot on .go for it.  onwards ann upwards. wrinkly1....

Depends what they are - would not expect summer bedding on sale anywhere yet-growers are not that cynical surely??


Yes They Are . I don't think they were expecting the winter to go on for so long

but people are stupid they will buy them because this time last year they did



hollie hock

I've bought the discounted  bedding plants from Aldi, at first the price was 10 plants/tray for £1.29 on friday, got 2 trays then (lobelias & violas) and yesterday 79p for a tray, picked up a couple of trays of lobelias.

Tucked up in my coldframes, will be there for a while yet before they even get potted on.

Stupid no............cynical, yes, but at 8p a plant worth a go

Beth Greenfingers!!

Spend a little live alot....and where gardening is concerned, its definitely worth a chance with supermarket plants!! After a few people at work stating how good value Aldi was... i decided to try some roses and purchased 2 climbing roses at a  mere £1.79 each! I also bought a peace rose to try out, ive added plenty of blood fish and bone meal and hope after planting in the Autumn that this year.....once it warms up, gives them chance !!!

Also last week after think of nipping in to see what other offers they had, i bagged myself a bargain at 2 Magnolias at £3.99 each (half price)!!!


Yes Aldi and Lidl are good for bargains . the Stupid people will plant summer bedding now because the news media/weather service says it is . Do you not remember last year April was a compleat wash out and May well the first two weeks were great and everything went downhill after that ,



Is it me, or are gardeners in general obsessed with the weather?  The ladies that teach my son's class (He's 4 and in foundation stage 2, first year of compulsory school), say they don't bother watching the weather forecast any more, but ask me instead.  I do look at the forecast, but also take note of the long range forecast, and what the weather has been like recently, and what the plants are doing.

So do you think once you start gardening you become a bit of an amateur meteorologist?  Asking because a lot of folk will buy and plant out the bedding plants, and then cuss when they die.  Whearas us gardeners may buy them and put them in the greenhouse (if you are lucky enough to have one), or pop them in the coldframe until the weather is right.

flowering rose

got a lot of good seeds going cheap there and a nice rose climber,not the best,but not bad.

hollie hock

I know what you mean, they will plant them out and then buy some more when they are killed by frosts.That way the major outlets can sell some more. 

I remember the spring was warm and then it started raining

try wilkinsons for seeds and plants.i just bought some wilko seeds for 3 for 2,at a total cost of £1.20.around nov go down and get half price or cheaper on spring bulbs as they are making way for Christmas.but always try your local nursery as these will be home grown and more aclimatised to our weather but most importantly you  be helping to support local businesses.a nursery near me sells perennials for about £2 for a two litre pot.

also try local plant sales,there are two near me.they consist of cuttings,self sown and divisions for 50p upwards


i did,nt expect anyone to dash out and plant them yet.. like i said pot them on and wait .when temps pick up so will prices.. cheers wrinkly1

hollie hock

Didn't see any perennnials at my aldis. Were they beyond saving? I do always have a look at the discount/dead section of gc etc  but I have to think they might survive and they are very cheap for me to buy. All the bedding I have seems very healthy. I do like lobelia, where ever you plant it, looks very pretty.

Think you might be right wrinkly

Normally get some good buys from Aldi, dsapointed today, as the plug plants were all nearly dead. Not worth getting any of the vegs but I did get some discounted lobelia and marigolds. After a good water the lobelia are looking better.


Sue H
I have purchased loads of plants and garden stuff from supermarkets. Not all bad. You can see what you are buying. Its your choice.

Key to buying any supermarket plants is to get them on the day they come in before they dry out. Aldi , Lidl do plants as offers not as regular stock. So normally you can get good plants for a couple of days and dying slowly after that. Maybe they don't want plants dripping water on the checkout belts, I really do not know. Maybe if enough people write to them, you can post on their web sites, they might decide to water them. 

I'm kind of torn between wanting to buy them because they are cheap to buy and knowing that they take away the bread and butter of the garden centres who do look after their plants have a wide range in stock when you want to buy them.

There is a relatively short season for buying plants particularly annuals. This year seems like its turning into another disaster for garden centres by August many places will be looking at the balance sheet and seeing if there is enough left to tide them through another long cold winter.

If we lose our garden centres are we going to be forced to buy plants at the wrong time, just to have something available to put out at the right time. The growing season is not the same nationally, If you ever worked picking daffs. You would start initially in Cornwall and finish in Scotland  

Ok this gives cut flowers for a couple of months but when it comes to growing plants the Supermarkets will buy for the whole chain at the same time. Which puts plants on the shelves at less than optimal times for a good number of people, never mind the fact the stocking is planned in advance. 

The nurserys recommend plants to stock for garden centres under the category looking good so your local GC should be bringing in stock at the right time.

Are we being foolish buying plants at the wrong time in order to save a little? After all in real terms it might be the cost of a couple of pints or a takeaway meal. If your spending serious money, a garden centre will normally be prepared to give a little discount, as a matter of good will. Hard to decide isn't it.  

More Aldi bargains - Blackcurrant in a big pot, £2.99.  Lots of other soft fruit bushes, redcurrant, pink gooseberry, gooseberry, whitecurrant, blackberry.  RHS books £2.99 each (I got vegetables and fruit in pots and vegetables in a small garden), big 35 cm plant pots 2.99 each, BIG (think 5kg) box growmore, 4.99, compost accelerator, 4.99.

They also had bedding plants that were feeling sorry for themselves, the boxes of 'veg' seedlings were all dead lettuces, and they had ornamental trees in (along the lines of flowering cherry), not really room in my garden for trees unless they're productive.  Hanging baskets of various design, cone shaped etc, more flower and veg seeds (got my leek and some kelvedon peas).

If you want something specific that's alive, it's best going in on a Sunday or Thursday, that's when they get deliveries.

I only went in for some brioche - ended up spending nearly £50.  Could only afford it as OH paid for some of LO's school dinners last month.  Now he's complaining about the 'mobile allotment' in the kitchen.  Ooooops!

Thanks will pop over there tomorrow

I've bought roses, bedding, seeds  and  shrubs from Aldi and their plants are fine. last week I bought enough plants for 2 hanging baskets they cost me £5 60p, and have doubled in size in the laast week, the roses's 2 climber's and 2  shrubs bought and planted last year, are budding up nicely.It's just common sense if they look poorly don't buy

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