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Rich B


Im a new gardener and last year my dad grew masses of really beautiful Dahlias which i want to do this year but i have a few questions for the pro's......

First I want to grow Black and White ones in my front north facing garden which gets sun early untill mid morning if lucky. Can anyone recomend the Blackest type, i know there actually very dark red but i know there what i want.

Is there a type that has black and white on the same flower, iv seen red and white.

They will be grown against a 90cm wall so i want them around 1m tall. Im not worried about weather there Ball, PomPom or the Cactus types or really the size of the flowers, as long as theres lots of Black n White colours to match the front of house.

Whats a good price for these and where can i get them.....If i can grow them in the front.....

I keep seeing the Tubers in shops now, should i get them now and get them in the soil?

Im going to get Mixed types for the Back Garden, all colours and sizes. Theres plenty of sun there...

Im a fan of roses so if i cant use dahlias is there a Black climbing Rose i could use.

Any advise is very welcome, im sure ill ask more now im on this site.



I grow a lot of dahlias-never seen a black and white one, the red and white-Duet-is widely available

Could I suggest a trip to the GC or B &Q,Homebase, Wilkinsons and the like to see what is available -always best too see and feel the tubers in my experience-only buy on-line for something special

As for planting in the garden now-a very big no-no-it is too cold and wet -they will just rot away.

You can soon start them off in the greenhouse in pots or trays to get them moving and take cuttings if you wish to increase stock

Plant out the plants around Mid-May or plant the tubers in the soil at the beginning of May-they are not frost hardy so be aware and the big thing is to protect from slugs/snails

Prob not what you're after but Twinings After Eight has the blackest foliage with white flowers and it's a beauty. The foliage is near enough black. I live not far from the national dahlia collection and I guess you could ask there. It's at Penzance in Cornwall. It's on line so maybe email or phone?
.....afterthought, what about including the black grass ophiopogon nigrescens?


Rich B

The Twinings After 8 looks great for another part of my front garden.

Is there a small or similar size black Dahlia to go next to it????

How about scabious Chile Black? Much smaller flowers than dahlias but colour would match your criteria...? Dahlia After Eight grows next to miscanthus variegatus. A fountain of near white leaves next to black foliage looks good in my garden
Woodgreen wonderboy

I grow over 100 dahlias each year, and have done so for many years. Have never seen a black one nor do I wish to. Each to his own however.

I am increasingly drawn to shocking combinations of mauves, orange, scarlett, crimson reds ...just as Christopher Lloyd did at Great Dixter. My hero and favourite garden. His death in 2006 a huge loss. I read his books for my gardening education. Brilliant writer who took no prisoners.

Hiya wood green wonder boy, Christopher lloyd also had mischievous sense of humour I think. I too enjoy his books.
I prefer complimentary rather than contrasting plantIngs so not too keen on your "shocking combinations" but it would be fun.
I grow dahlia Honka which is delightful....simple, single large yellow flowers...and prob my favourite dahlia at moment. I grow blue Veronica next to it and agastache black adder on opposite side.and a calamagrostis brachytricha towering behind hardly the shocking combination you like..
I can imagine a shocking combination instead...could be good

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