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Oh! I just love the little rigida. Wondering if I should have a furtle around at my cuttings and see what's happening. Have you taken cuttings before then had leaves go partially brown but then just stay in that state??? It's most perplexing. Been around 2 months with no changes and no sign of new growth!!
Oakley Witch

I haven't no but am planning to this year. I have a garden that hasn't been touched in 30 years so there were no plants at all in it. I have had to start from scratch so have done loads of sowing this year 

Im doing a kinda cottage style as I have always been in the country. Now im in a little village surrounded by the elderly (Im 35) 

They are unable to keep their gardens now but they all pop over to have a look and comment on the difference of mine  They are all very helpful and full of ideas too so they say they feel as they are part of it by helping which is lovely I think

Sam - we are the same moved into a little village where the avg age is prob 65-70!!!! I'm 31 and trying to. Improve the garden. The back was heavily landscaped with just a lawn abs some pots on the wall sour rounding this then a dog kennel and a hot tub!!!! Hot tub in an excouncil village house!!!! The front had a silly statue lawns and standard plants in pots lining the drive. All looked pretentious.

We are making beds and trying to soften. I made boarders in the small back garden and really want the cottage look. Going to widen the boarders from 1 ft to poss 2 this year. My other half in not enamoured as its cutting down the lawn!!!! But I will wait till he is out!!!

We still have a smaller dog run but swapped the ugly dog run concrete for a raised veg bed. I have photos on here if you want to take a look. It's a thread called photos of my garden (I think!!!) it's just 1 year on and not much but I'm working on it when money and time permits!!

What works for me with echinacea is growing them quite large in 5" pots before planting out.  If they're not big enough, I overwinter in a coldframe rather than plant out, pinching out any flower shoots that may develop.  All of the larger ones I planted out last spring went on to flower (mostly just one flower) and are now showing several shoots.  There are about a dozen overwintered ones in the CF which will go out as soon as I can find the time.

I may try that but unfortunately don't have a perminant greenhouse or cold frame and struggle for space. Lets see if they come first before I start thinking about where to overwinter.

So would you advise sow and prick out or sow in modules and leave for as long as poss!

Any yes I can't sleep, thinking about when to water the lawn with a weed killer!!!!!


Gardening Grandma

Do men have a fixation with mowing? My OH is the same! He says he'd mow the borders if he could.

I'm taking note of the idea of leaving them in the pot until they get quite large. I can quite see that this works best.

Aquilegias like to germinate in cooler conditions  and heat does not help, I have found. Planted and more-or-less ignored, I get a good germination rate. I have some geranium pratense which have not germinated yet and I am wondering if it is the same for them - they'd be better off in cooler conditions.

I'd always plant larger seeds in modules. Smaller ones are difficult to control, so I usually prick them out after germination.

Oakley Witch
Im the same GG. I am hoping to do the same to my boarders Red. Im lucky as OH hates the garden side. I do everything which suits me just fine lol
My OH always left it to me but has recently had a gardening spurt!!!

I think I will get my plastic greenhouse up then see what I can move around!!
Bob, I totally agree with growing echinaceas in large pots before planting out. From personal trials I realised they need to build up large root systems before they flower. Do the same too by removing early flowering shoots. Then they flower their socks off
Red dahlia, I would wait just little while longer before using lawn weedkiller....not too long. Growth will speed up soon and weedkiller will be more effective
Thanks verdun, bought it 3 years ago now, so decided thus is the year!!!!!! You know what they say if you want something doing...

Interestingly I have just come in from my unheated greenhouse where the Verbena Rigida seeds I sowed in the winter have just germinated.

Punkdoc drop some my way!!! I put some in a pop bottle chopped in half abs planted in the spout end! The spout then with cotton wool in and hanging in the reservoir! Cover top with clingfilm, lets see if it works!!
Gardening Grandma

I was only thinking earlier that I think I'll try to grow verbena rigida! Its only half hardy, though perennial, so I suppose it would either have to be taken in during the winter or I'd have to take cuttings. I love the idea of verbena at that size.

I just want my cuttings to change and kick on then I will be ok.
Gardening Grandma

Hi, Stephanie. I have seen your message on a couple of other threads, where the link did not seem to work. This one works and I have taken your survey, which seemed to take about three minutes. Just one comment - why are 'plants' in a separate category from 'flowers' or 'vegetables'? They are all plants!


Link doesn't work for me.

Tonight I will be potting up my winter cuttings to make room for yet more seeds!!! Yay

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