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Hi im Cia and new to the forum. I love gardening but i never ealised their was so much to it.

Last November i repotted a large Purple Sensation Alluim. I took it from one container and put it into another more steady pot. However now ive found i have two. The bulb i replanted is coming on a treat but the pot i took it from has somehow produced another. How is this so?

Most spring bulbs produce offsets or bulblets ever year same as daffs snowdrops etc thats how the clumps get larger. Not sure if it will flower this year tho. I know tulip bulblets take two years to get to flowering size. Last year i put 20 tulip purple sensations in pots, after flowering i removed them and after drying found my original 20 bulbs plus 30 bulblets, so in a way your getting free plants


Oh how interesting - thanks Stephen.

I bought 20 tulip bulbs last autumn and planted them.  Now I have about 25 flowering bulbs with 5 tiny ones- but they are flowering.  I really doubt I got bulbs for free in the pack.  Is it possible to have flowering offshoots when buying tulip bulbs the first year?

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